Visualizing Infinity

Visualizing infinity

Infinity is to space as eternity is to time. In other words, infinity is more of a spacial concept. Somehow, I can’t visualize the one existing without the other though – at least conceptually.

It could take an eternity to travel an infinitude of space – in theory. But what if it were not tit for tat – what if infinity could be traveled in a flash-by nanosecond and an infinitesimal speck of space could take an eternity to travel? Ever note how long it takes to get from a table at a fast food restaurant to the nearest toilet when you’ve got the runs? An eternity! Space covered = about 20 linear feet (tops) if you are making a bee-line (depending on the floor plan, of course). Certainly not “infinity”!

Being stuck in rush hour traffic can feel like an eternity – distance traveled? Zero, zilch. On the other hand, speeding down the express lane in a brand new Porsche (any distance) can feel like quite a timeless experience. 90 miles per hour? What hour? Road hog! I guess that one’s concept of infinity could have a lot to do with how much gas is in the tank. Notice though, how the young feel that they’ve got all the time in the world, yet are always clamoring for “more space”. Go figure that out in scientific notation.

Maybe infinity is something more easily “felt” than “visualized”. There certainly can “seem” to be an infinite distance between the haves and have-nots in our world … especially when the have-nots in question, are suffering far across the globe while we are living in the lap of comparable luxury – again, a matter of how much “gas” is in the tank.

If you live in the proverbial fast lane breezing down life’s expressway, infinity can be a rather easy concept to grab – unless you are a restless adolescent type who has all the time in the world, yet never enough of that precious commodity called space.

I suppose that if one lives life as if being the end-all-be-all “singularity” of some black hole, the concept of space and time itself becomes infinitely (Or is that eternally?) distorted – on the other hand, if you embrace the universe and all life has to offer, making the most of each minute, the possibilities are indeed infinite.

It’s also nice to know we can always switch gears.