Visualizing Infinity

Try, if you can that is to visualise and understand infinity. It can drive you mad and yet scientists, philosophers, even ordinary folk often ponder this concept. Infinity derived mathematically as a working or useful unit is routinely expressed using numerous different methods, for example: dividing zero into any number suggests a result of infinity. I say suggest’ since it is completely impossible to quantify the end result of this mathematical operation other than to conclude you guessed it infinity. A curve approaching the x or y axis is said to approach zero as the curve extends to infinity in either direction all great on paper but the truly terrifying part is trying to visualise infinity in our own small minds.

Time try if you can to visualise before time existed” and you might just come close to the difficulty I am attempting to describe. In the opposite direction, what happens when time ceases? CAN time cease, if so – what happens?

Space the universe another interesting yet infinite entity that confounds the most learned among us. The universe started with a bang, so what! Something existed at a point in space for the event to occur, and we are told the universe continues to expand what lies beyond the edge of the universe, and exactly what is it expanding into? Is this nothing’ a true example of infinity, perhaps some kind of oblivion?

Life what existed before we were born but what will continue to exist when we die?

Atomic Size as we manage to see into smaller and smaller spaces between atoms, how far can this go before we reach some kind of limit?

This incredibly interesting yet terrifying concept called infinity will continue to frustrate and confuse long after I am gone. I seriously doubt anyone has the ability to visualise, define and understand what infinity means yet we humans have no problem working around it in the sciences. In my attempt to write on this topic, it seems more questions than answers resulted. Oh well, onward to – – – – – – – – wherever!