Views on Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning

Personally, I find the idea of cloning just a little bit unsettling. I mean, its just fine when it comes to crops and fruits. Livestock, on the other hand, should not be changed and used to testing for testing to better suit our needs. Making stock bigger and better is just going to lead to more HUMAN testing. Plus, we shouldn’t put embryos of one animal into the surrogate mother of another species to preserve them. If we don’t want animals to become extinct, than we should learn that we need to prevent what is making them endangered in the first place.

Humans are an intelligent race, so we should realize, by now, that if we don’t want animals to become endangered than we should stop stealing their habitat. We shouldn’t kill most of them out and then expect technology to save them.

Humans can very easily become corrupt. If we allow more and more genetic testing and cloning to be done, than we are soon going to allow more testing to be done with real people. People are going to see the opportunity to better the human race by changing and improving human genetic material. I’ve read too many books, and I’ve seen too many movies where by bettering the human race with cloning, things have gone horribly, horribly wrong. Even though they are just books and movies, there has to be some truth to them. If we start using genes to be able to fix everything,(and this may sound callous)than how are we going to die? We won’t. Actually, I’m guessing that when, or if it goes this far, than only the rich are going to be able to afford fixing everything about themselves. It will be the rich that will become practically immortal. ON the other hand, if everybody is allowed to use cloning and methods that improve genes, than everyone will live to a spectacularly long age, and we will probably suffer from overpopulation because no one will ever die. Its part of being human, we are supposed to die when our original body wears out.

If scientists really do start actually using cloning to make us a better race, more intelligent, more physically adept, or maybe so that no one is ugly, then we wouldn’t really be human anymore, would we?

Once other thing that really creeps me out, is the idea of genetic theft. Being able to steal genetic material and create the exact same person (appearance-wise). I sure there are some fanatics who would try something like that. I also think that cloning a twin of someone is just weird, and if it is not occurring naturally, than it should not occur at all.

Overall, I think that messing with genes just isn’t quite right, but thats just my opinion.