Is Cloning Pets a Prelude to Human Cloning – Yes

You have to admire the amazing ingenuity and imagination of the Human race which keeps driving us forward to continually find answers to problems that keep presenting themselves. Look at all the things it has allowed us to create and how far we have come since those days when we were no more than simple cave dwellers. Everything from the wheel through great leaps such as the iron and industrial ages, up to current modern day classics that have shaped society beyond recognition like the transistor or the jet engine it seems there are no limits to what the human mind can come up with. Cloning is no exception to this and they are now talking about getting to the point of being able to clone animals like our very own pets becoming a reality very soon.

If we stop to think then pets are an integrated part of any family and each have their own traits along with a unique personality making them individuals in their own right. No more or less than any other human member of that same family. So it begs the question that should be asked of how different is a pet from a family member? It will have been through its own experiences that will shape its individuality and behaviour creating a unique individual within that family. If we start cloning our pets then how does this give any real argument against doing the same with a human being as there would be no precedence that separates the species barrier, after all is a pet any less of an individual than a human?

The answer to the question not a vague “slippery slope” that gives the impression that it may not happen but rather that it is inevitable that we will get to human cloning if we start doing this for our pets. For the science it simply is not a question of if but when the minds working on this branch of science will get there, whether the rest of the human race wants it or not. It is as we have said before down to the plain fact that the human race will always continue to drive all areas, including that of science, forward as it is built in to our very nature to do so.

When the scientists working the cloning process successfully achieve their goal regardless of the actual pet chosen, assuming no ill effects, then the inevitable logical next step will be to move on to human cloning.

The arguments for and against this scientific procedure will continue to burn and will become more prevalent as they continue to make the strides that they are with cloning process. All the facets of both sides could be talked through at length here but the question asked was simply whether cloning pets will lead to the cloning of humans? Moral, ethical and theological thoughts on cloning are for another debate.

In conclusion it is inevitable that the insatiable human drive to answer those many unknown questions, coupled with our immense ingenuity and imagination will inevitably result in cloning becoming perfected and there is nothing against the step from us being able to clone our pets to human.