Is Cloning our Pets a Slippery Slope to Human Cloning – No

Cloning is defined in scientific terms and revolves around science itself. Its a scientific matter to discuss. For those who believe in Christianity and feels that this defies God’s “creation” of mankind. And that is for those who look at the matter from that religious perspective. In my eyes, God would’ve never presented the ability of even thinking of cloning other organisms or even ourselves if God himself felt that would ever defy him. Yes it questions Christianity itself and present questions to the creation of mankind itself. That is just a challenge presented to Church’s to put faith out there more for those who would ever question the presence of God or God’s creations. In the eyes of a Christian the religion is based on faith more than anything. I don’t feel that Cloning itself is leaned toward a topic of questioning anything religious. I feel that it is based more at expanding our knowledge of what we can in the scientific world. If we have evolved as humans from organisms such as monkeys and Apes. Is that not a question that we have expanded or ability from what God gave us and formed into something more evolved? If we did it back in the “Caveman” days, then why explore that ability during the days that we have the technology to expand our whole world. We may find that Clones” have a better prosperity in health and adaption capabilities. There is just so many un answered questions in this that I feel we can’t just turn our head because of a religious political battle. It is something that has been presented to us and I feel that we need to explore the option. I haven’t heard of any test being run on just a random pet. Now an animal that has been presented by its owner and given consent by its owner to run test of cloning on the animal is strictly up to the owner. I also feel that the government should have a say on the type of test being run and the purpose of the procedure. The interest Cloning has to us is how to better ourselves and our society. Its presents nothing bad to us in my eyes. Just another oppurtunity to explore our boundries in science. Take it however you want. This is just another perspective. Cloning animals might be a safer way to to run necessarry test.