Will Cloning Animals Lead to Cloning People – Yes

If they are cloning pets it is only a matter of time before it takes a human turn. Society as a whole has become to “God like” instead of just letting nature take its course. Animals and people were made to each be unique and it should stay that way. Do you really want a whole bunch of “just like yous” running around the globe? I like that no one shares my DNA and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. We already have a cloning implemented here on earth. It’s called identical twins.

Besides, have you read about the side effects Dolly the sheep suffered as a result of her cloning? Humans can make mistakes and if this cloning were to take place there could be a devastating effect on our population. I thought we were doing ok with the old fashioned way anyway. I didn’t know we were depleting so much that we had to resort to cloning things.

We need to leave human making in the Creator’s hands as he has been doing it for thousands of years I’m pretty sure he has a handle on it and doesn’t really need our help. We need to stick with more urgent issues such as putting those billions toward finding a cure for AIDs and other deadly diseases that are spreading like wildfire. Those issues are could use the money being put toward cloning.

What are we trying to do with cloning anyway? My thoughts are if its for disease it may not work because unstable cells are being created and they may mutate anyway. And if we start cloning humans what if we make a mistake and clone someone who has a killer’s personality? A little scary in my opinion. We all know that as well as sharing our parents DNA we share some of their habits. How would a clone be any different.

Animal cloning shouldn’t be taking place and if society accepts this they’ll eventually accept human cloning as well. Dangerous world we’re coming in to. Let’s just take it slow and deal with our current issues and if the animal and human race suddenly needs our help population spreading we take care of it then. Trust me, that won’t be taking place for quite some time. Let the poor animals be animals and people be people just as they are. God is doing a good job. Leave it at that.