Cloning is it right or is it Wrong

When it comes to cloning humans and animals, we are duplicating them in to what we want them to be. So if they clone the first off clone of person one, that is making an exact copy of that person. Cloning humans and animals defies the laws of nature and God. Cloning also defies why God has placed us here on this planet.

I believe that nature should run its course instead of us trying to change what or how God intended things to be. Humans as well as animals are unique. Each species has the right to live a life with their own personality. Not every person or animal are made to be alike, according to God. Just think of what the world would be like if we were all made alike.

It would be an even crazier world than it already is. God made each of us different so that the world would evolve. God didn’t mean for us to multipy by cloning ourselves. We need to multiply ourselves God’s way and not our own. The act of cloning another human or animal is a selfish act. We tend to think only of ourselves sometimes and we tend to let our selfishness get the best of us to the point where we make bad decisions. We can try to figure out why each of us are different from the other, but may never find an answer.

When we clone another human or animal we are playing God in which we take matters in to our own hands. We are not to have all the answers to life’s issues for the sake of our own benefit. We are not to know why God does what He does, not always. Cloning will always be wrong in the eyes of God. Personally, I believe that cloning is a sick idea to gain attention and to make a profit. Cloning will always be wrong despite what people may think or want. People and animals have rights that need to be kept within bounderies so that the rights won’t be misused. I believe that cloning is a tool that people use to manipulate to get what they want. Like I said earlier they are looking to gain attention and to make a profit. God despises us manipulating nature. He frowns upon that we are trying to play God. God’s intention are for us to use our abilities within the laws of nature.

In conclusion, I believe that we need to stop the cloning before things get chaotic. The people and animals are not to be alike because it would only bring chaos. The world is crazy as it already is and could make things worse. Do we want to live in chaos the rest of our lives. I don’t think so. Cloning needs to be stopped all over the world and so there needs to be laws banning this issue.