Ufos Fact or Ficton – Fact

From a viewpoint that because of the vast distances one would have to travel to get here, it’s hard to believe we are and have been visited by UFO’s. But that isn’t saying they are not real, and I say that because there are a number of possibilities that lend to their very existence. Only those with a mind for how and why we are here, and having a thirst for knowledge of the universe itself, can imagine how these sightings can actually be considered a fact.

Most average thinkers may believe they do, but are not dedicated to why this may be possible, and the reason I say that is simply because they only go by what is presented via news or other media. However, there are those who have a fascination with the universe with it’s complexity and it’s vastness, which if left to the imagination could destroy ones mind trying to digest all that there is in able to understand it all.

Just our own galaxy with it’s billions and billions of stars, most of which would dwarf our own sun, whereas an example would be to compare the average star as a basketball compared to our own sun which would be the size of a marble. There again, only those who have a mind for how huge our own sun is compared to our tiny earth, would be able to understand what we are saying here.
Actually ask the average person what a light year is, and they will provide something of an answer like “is that how long a light bulb lasts?”

When you consider the fact that our galaxy, with the billions of stars that may have planets and moons just as we do, and multiply that by the billions of galaxies throughout the universe, how is it by chance that our tiny planet is the only one that could possibly sustain life, and intelligent life at that. For a craft to reach us from anywhere else in our galaxy even at light speed, they wouldn’t live long enough to reach us. So as we are on the brink of discovering a short cut (highly technical stuff) via worm holes or time warp, it is possible that other civilizations that are highly advanced, may have already got the technology to do so, and that is one possibility as to why we may have so many sightings.

Theories are just that, they are theories, and anyone who has a grasp of how things work or come about, can come up with one as an answer to this mystery we call UFO’s.

I’m not poking fun at those who are less knowledgeable about these things, it’s just that they never had an interest in anything other than existing on this planet of ours. For those like myself who live for answers, perhaps I can shed some light on why they do exist, and it is in part my own theory, and in another case a unrelated incident that would be just as mysterious. My own theory is that they come from a distant past, right from our own planet. That theory can be read by simply going to that article as provided below which makes a lot of sense to a lot of readers who gave me feedback on my theory as being one that could possibly explain it all.

I wrote an article on where UFO’s may come from, and another article that tells me and all those who witnessed an event that happened in 1945, proves without any doubt that we are not alone. If I may offer some interesting insight on why I believe they exist, please refer to the article I wrote about UFO’s. Just copy and past, and it will take you there. http://www.helium.com/items/177010-where-ufos-come-from

Also, in my own heart and mind, I know anything is possible as a result of my own experience about a phenomena I and hundreds of others witnessed back in 1945. Please copy and paste…http://www.helium.com/knowledge/7059-how-do-i-know-that-god-exists

Both these articles, one theory, and one a true experience would lend a thought that I as the author may be out there somewhere, but I’m as skeptical and level headed as they come, and the only reason why I myself believe is because I don’t have a choice. If you read them, I hope you come away a bit more enlightened, as I have no reason to write about something that most would consider far fetched. However, if I didn’t do so because it may make me appear as though I’m a little soft in the head, I couldn’t live with myself for not sharing.