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We have been living in the midst of a pronounced invasion of the so-called UFO’s and we don’t appear to have gleaned a clue from the experience. I find that last fact to be more astonishing than the presence of the UFO’s. Part of the problem is that it is an unwelcome subject in some circles. Another problem is that people that are trained in the sciences prefer to turn their back on their neighbors that report seeing or having had contact with UFO’s. The final problem is that there is a pervasive fear of the unknown surrounding the UFO experience and whether they are aware of it or not the public has managed to ignore the most profound demonstrated facts that they are confronted with day to day during their lives.

It appears that most people think of the UFO as an individual occurrence. That is a totally false impression. When you take the trouble to read the numerous reports you will find that there are an amazing number of different machines and an equally large number of different occupants emerging from those machines. If your prejudice or your fear is so strong that you cannot fairly consider the evidence then this article is not for you. I do not expect to convert people with strong convictions against the possible reality of UFO visitations. To me the reality is so well proven that the visitors should be called IFO’s, for Identified Flying Objects.

There are two primary arguments against the prospect of visitors from other Star systems visiting Earth. The most frequently argued prohibition is the assumed limit on the speed of light and the apparent immense distance between Star systems, or Solar Systems. The second reason is that there are no artifacts or physical objects left behind by the alleged visitors. The first objection is indeed a valid argument if our contrived views of physics are valid because it would provide a major handicap to be overcome by any potential space traveler. It is my personal view that there is no provable limit to the speed of light as a restriction on the speed of space travel.

I have presented the main parts of my theory on the potential speed of light measured from this Solar System with numbers that match exactly what has been measured here at Earth’s location, about 186,281.56 miles per second. My contentions start with the photon created by each star being compressed energy equivalent to the mass of the star involved. Therefore a Star the size of the Pistol Star, considered to be one or two million times as massive as our Sun would have the ability to produce photons of immense energy sufficient to travel faster than we can imagine. In effect I am contending that if you want to argue that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light you must consider the prospect that there is no practical limit to the speed of light. My articles in the American Chronicle , Light Speed, a discussion, and Light Speed, an alternative theory, cover the issue reasonably well. However, there is another side to the speed of light issue that is strange to consider and grossly at odds with mainstream scientific belief where in I suggest that light travels by expansion. It is most compressed at the source and speeds up as it travels farther from the source. If light has density as I suggest, say in the vicinity of Earth of a given amount, say sufficient to restrict its speed to 186,281 miles per second what would we see of light from a weak source that never reaches a speed over 150,000 miles per second? I contend we would not see it at all because it has not expanded to a point in excess of our local speed that would permit compression. I think it would simply fad away before it ever got to the Earth. This is a rather extreme suggestion that means there could be Solar Systems near us that we cannot see. If so, the great distance obstacle would be substantially removed or nullified.

The large collection of sightings, and close encounters of the 3rd kind along with the many stories of abductions provide for a veritable menagerie of vehicles and occupants. We are compelled to consider that if space travelers are visiting us there must be many different sources involved. Occupant sizes vary from two feet tall to nine feet tall. With some handsome earth like beings to grotesque looking dwarfs. Robotic units have been seen and at times actively engaged humans in physical contact. It rarely appears that any two of the aircraft are of the same design. They range from dinner plate size to football field size, some with windows or ports and others with nothing apparent. It is not logical to me to accept the idea that all of this variety could emanate from the same source. For example, we have many different styles of automobiles but they all look basically alike. All human race entities look basically alike. Neither statement would be accurate for the visitors.

The above is offered as a possible explanation of why the alleged distance would not be a bar to our being visited. One, they can travel faster than our assumed speed of light as measured here at Earth (what is true for Earth is true for the Universe?!). And the other prospect that we may have neighbors that we are unaware of that need not travel many light years to visit us.

The second argument deals with the lack of objective proof of the UFO being a spacecraft or that the UFO exists anywhere but in the mind of the deceived. They want objective proof, they want artifacts, and they want captives or objects that cannot possibly have been made on Earth. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of good pictures from around the world. Not just of light or lights at night but of daylight UFO type objects that it seems they simply are not good enough. There are many marks left on the ground where a craft has hovered or sat down, consisting of indentations where the landing gear was or burned earth and ground cover where some object landed and then too off. Apparently that is not good enough. There have been a few reports by Contac tees that were given some object by a visitor only to find that the thing disappeared a few hours or a few days later. The answer may be that the visitors do not want us to have souvenirs of their travels. Some clever humans actually tried to take an object off the craft with them only to be confronted and relieved of the memento. There may be more than just secrecy behind this conduct. I know there are some people that favor the visitors using time travel as their method for getting here and while I respect their views on the subject time travel is a little far from my efforts at a common sense approach. If we were dealing with only one or two potential types of alien visitor then the prospect of time travel would seem more likely. For the demonstrated variety and quantity of the visitors time travel seems, to me, to be very unlikely.

I do not intend to be an advocate promoting UFO’s. I have never seen one and I have never had contact with any person or entity that I thought was not originally of this Earth. With the present collection of detailed reports by persons from all walks of life I simply cannot understand why there remains a reason to refuse to accept what is happening and to devote some serious brainpower to the question.

Lastly I do not expect this little article will find any converts or change the mindset of any one. I wrote it to get the ideas off my chest, and for the fun of doing it.

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