Back to the Future how Light Speed Makes Time Travel possible Hang on Tight


Buckle up your seat belts if you are ready, because it’s back to the future again: and how Light Speed makes Time Travel possible.

Lets try again to make the specifics a little easier to understand. It really is about time to get off the ground in a much more sophisticated way than being piggy backed into Outer Space. So hang on tight; because in truth, it pans out to Double the Speed of Light!

Science has been giving it their best shot, but, all things take time, and for some, it’s just a ‘key-hole’ away. Whether it is or it isn’t believed, does not change the Specifics of how it can be possible.

Firstly, we need something that is easy to maneuver. It’s called a Light Craft. It must at least travel at 6 x Earth’s Given Time. Imagine ‘we’ are from another planet, and our Time = 6. So the example we will use to keep this understandable, is via the figure of 6. Lets call it the Key, required to achieve this.

We have chosen 6 because of the rotational speed of the earth spinning on its axis, to its speed in revolutions around the sun once every 365 days. Plus the gravity of the earth’s Moon is 6 times weaker than the earth.

Planet Earth’s own Specifics will aid all to see it in Time. In ‘customary units’ the figure 6 is an understandable escape velocity between the Earth’s relation to is own Gravitational Force in it’s Solar System. We, have just called a year One Day, as Time = Zero in Outer Space.

Then use it, in saying, for every 6 days earthlings would take to travel in, we would take one day (our Space-Time Day,) for the same distance.

Using this Distance derived from the Given Speed of Earth days it would take to travel, we then must multiply this speed by 6, traveling at 24 hours non stop around the clock. This will make the generalization much easier to grasp; staying within limits of a speed which can first be comprehended.

EG. Start at only ‘100 kmh.’ (+ – 62 mph.) Slower can sometimes make things easier to grasp the concept. Then multiply that 100 x 24 hours = 2,400 km. (+- 9,000 mph.) and we have covered one earth day.

Now, x 6 (our proportional given value of 6 days) it would = 14,400 km. per our Space-Time Day. This is referred to as the Given Unit, or the Sum Total of the ‘Distance in Time’, in ‘One Unit’. ie. We have traveled 14,400 kmh. (+ – 9,00 mph.) = One Unit.

To comprehend anything here, never forget, this analogy equation is at 100 kmh. ( + – 62 mph.) only. The answer = 14,400 km. (+ – 9,000 m.) transversed in 24 Hours of Earth’s Given Time!

The Circumference at the Earth’s Equator is +- 40,075 km. (+ – 25,000.m.) At this Specific Speed in Time this would measure just over 2 and a half times round the world in 24 hours at ‘only 100 kmh. ( +- 62 mph.) Try that one!

*In Fact..Consider this, in Light. (Take your time.)

*Distance = Time to Transverse

*Speed = .Energy required to Transverse.

*One Solar Day = 1 ‘Revolution’ of Time.

Why are we using the term One ‘Solar Day’ here? Lets just go to the nearest figure of 6 again, as being the closest major digit at the earth’s polar radius, and it’s equatorial radius. We use this to measure the revolutions on it’s axis.

Remember this is just an example, and why we have slowed right down to 100 kmh. (+ – 62 mph.) to make it easier to ‘visualize’.

*This is the Given Specific Speed, which remains unaltered with Time.

*Thus the Energy generated is Light Wave.

*The Distance Transversed in One Day of Our/Space Given Time.

Universal Law here means, an Energy Force. It has a Positive and a Negative Pole. If you know this Energy Force, you will know all energy has its’ constructive and destructive Elements. ‘Earth’ it into the tri… the same as one would ‘earth’ electricity – for in this case Earth is home base – if you want to get back to the future, you will need to get back to earth also!

All energy is utilized. All, is Light Energy. ‘Black’ light – only means visibly unseen – and is on either side of the visible spectrum. It is the ‘dark’ we see in Outer Space, which becomes our night when we see the stars. In this, are the slower waves – just as radio are found beyond the red – of the visible spectrum. Even wireless Internet is also within this electromagnetic spectrum, in which, via it, we too even utilize its interconnection to the other side of the planet in a instant. As instant as the switch of a radio, (or light!)

The speed of light must accommodate the ‘black light’ to travel through (the energy we cannot see,) and within this forms the vacuum. There is a ‘barrier’ which must be broken for the speed of light, as equally, as sound must break it’s barrier, to be super-sonic. But, like the jet breaking the sound barrier, which has to break through the ‘atmospheric pressure’ to break the sound barrier, only then it is super-sonic speed.

When this ‘black light’ in both ends of the invisible spectrum (super electromagnetic energy,) closes in, it creates this ‘vacuum’ to travel in. It also acts as the boost. In other words, the light must propel to reach it’s speed, just as a jet must propel through the atmosphere. The result then would be – though the light travels within it’s vacuum created – it is being ‘doubly propelled’ from the ‘black light’ closing in from behind it, which doubles the force.

If Rocket Speed is +- 4,195.4 kmh / + – 2,606.9 mph. is it any wonder this question is asked; when the difference is between 300,000 km per second (+ – 186,000 mps! ) The Rocket doesn’t rely on light; meaning, all the electromagnetic waves – from radio waves to x-rays (black light,) – to travel in. It is measured in ‘Speed’ but here we have entered Time Specifics of Velocity.

Here we must not get too complicated, except to say; use the mind’s eye to see Time and Speed becoming One Specific. There is where even we, as an astronaut, must be able to stay within a specific quantum vibrational shift in a Speed Time dimension.

Sunlight is still measured as the speed of light 300,000 kms. (+ – 86,000.mps.) When one looks at the rising or setting sun at horizon level, we see into a ‘tunnel’, between us and it. It is shaded in like an eclipse (as a corona surrounds the brightness.) Between us and the sun, there is instantaneous space within a shaded protected tunnel – we could liken to a vacuum – which is still Light Energy.

Through this, it connects us immediately via this vacuum/tunnel safety, plus as instant as Time is measured. We could then ‘visualize in our mind’s eye, a measurement of time referred to as an Instant. Then, because we are ‘shielded’ in this tunnel it is ‘in an instant of Time’. And yet, the Sun does not light up ‘inside the earth’ through the ‘Black Space/Light’ (or dark energies,) until it interacts with the border-line between earth’s spheres and outer space.

Thus this Radius of Time Travel is given only within that of one’s own Earth’s Given Field, explaining the Speed of Light, excelling to an Instant of Time. We have only briefed on these Specifics here, but who will help build this Light Craft, and get back in Time?