The Speed of Light Explained must Accomodate


Why must a text book be the only explanation to the speed of light, when even the scientists who wrote down their ‘theories only’ are taken to be gospel truth? Are there no new minds around in this today’s Space Age, who have as much knowledge just in their computer brains – if not in text – to know the value of this explanation?

Just imagine, as soon as radio waves are spoken, we the listener tuned in, hear these at the exact time. Yet… just by writing this, it travels through the light waves of the net, to reach it’s destination as almost as instant, even though it may have to wait in the queue until read. So here on earth, we are using in a different way, the speed of light. Either through our TV screens – as instant as the live show allows while it is taking place – as we do the radio.

By now, most have learned something about the spectrum of visible light, and the ‘black light’ – which only means unseen – on either side of this spectrum of rainbow color. The slower – as radio – found beyond the red side, and yet, wireless Internet, which is still through the electromagnetic spectrum remains what it is. Instant (unless caught in the queue.)

The speed of light must accommodate the ‘black light’ to travel through (what we cannot see,) and when taken into consideration, it is exactly this, which forms the vacuum? There is a ‘barrier’ which must be broken for the speed of light, as equally, as sound must break it’s barrier, to be super-sonic. This ‘black light’ is ‘broken into’ – which closes in around this light speed – forming the vacuum.

Yet, why cannot this same ‘black light’ (super electromagnetic energy,) by closing in behind to create this ‘light vacuum’ to travel in, be the boost? In other words, the light must propel to reach it’s speed, just as a jet must propel through the atmosphere. But… like the jet breaking the sound barrier, it too had to break through the ‘atmospheric pressure’ to break the sound barrier. Only then… is it super-sonic speed.

The result then would be – though the light travels within it’s vacuum created – it is being ‘doubly propelled’ from the ‘black light’ closing in and encasing it.. ‘If’ Rocket Speed is 2,606.9 miles per hour/or +- 4,195.4 km. per hour…. is it any wonder this question is asked when the difference is between 300,000 km per second! The Rocket doesn’t rely on light… meaning all the electromagnetic waves – from radio waves to x-rays (black light,) – to travel in the T period.

If the Sun Light is still measured as the speed of light 300,000 km per second, looking into the ‘tunnel’ between us and it, is shaded, eclipsed. Think of this as a vacuum of safety, as instant as it is. Through this tunnel is instant as one can be in Time, (between us and the sun;) it is still as instant as when it rises over the horizon…in Light. And yet… it cannot light up ‘inside the earth’ through the ‘Black Space/Light’, until it interacts with the border-line between earth’s spheres and Outer Space!.

So how do we travel at the speed of light? In our light-ship, encapsulated within this super electromagnetic capsule of vacuum. And… no longer is Speed measured as speed… but Time. So by the time we get there and back people will still be scratching their heads and saying. This is impossible!

Well…’I’m back!’ So now let those who know it all, as written proof in text books tell you. That is… if you can understand the jargon. You’ll miss the ship if you have still got your nose in the book instead of the Light!