The Speed of Light Explained

Let’s talk about the speed of light and explain what it’s all about. First of all the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. This is the fastest speed that can be attained. Light can travel at 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum. However the speed of light is slightly slower when it travels through other mediums such as water or glass or things that are transparent, as opposed to its speed in a vacuum.

Albert Einstein came up with his theory of relativity which states time and distance are interrelated and that time is not absolute. In other words time does not always move along the same it depends on the situation. The equation for energy is E=MC 2 (squared). E equal energy and M stands for Mass and C stands for the speed or the velocity of light. As Mass approaches the speed of light it’s converted into energy.

At the speed of light, time actually stands still. However an object, no matter how much energy it is bombarded with can never accelerate faster than the speed of light nor can it ever reach the speed of light. Therefore, at different speeds, time can be adjusted.

Just imagine if you will during the creation process, you can deduce from you own personal preference how things were created, if things were moving and swirling so fast, (the speed of light), that it actually caused time to stand still allowing a lot more of creation to happen during a shorter period of time. This could actually account for the discrepancy about how old the earth and the universe is. It just provides some food for thought. We constantly hear about the different time frames regarding the age of creation and no one seems to agree with what someone else has come up with. I believe God created things in such a fashion that we are not able to totally conceive or understand the concepts about time and space. Certainly we can understand some things and have some knowledge with the different theories and such but ultimately God reveals things to us in his own time.

Imagine what would happen if we could move at the speed of light. We could actually make time stand still and get more done in a day, but of course this is impossible. Would that not be the most effective time management you were ever exposed to?