UFO Sightings

Maybe those lights and flashing colored bulbs are just atmospherically disturbances and not flying objects at all. I know that is not what we here on planet Earth feeling lost and forgotten by our creator, we would just love to think that ships piloted by unearthly beings are visiting us. Sounds romantic doesn’t.

Romance though comes with a price doesn’t. Perhaps, at some ancient time, Earth was visited by not born on Earth beings and perhaps, they were killed.

Should we really be expecting their friends return? Are we frightened or have the events of our planet conditioned us to live in terror of being attacked by the friends of beings whom we have killed. After all is that not part of our society programming and, of course, we are not going to change, for after all why should we>

Don’t those arguments sound ridiculous? And aren’t those ridiculous reasons for expecting a visit from non earth born pilots of flying ships. After all why are they called objects? Is the object itself a conceptualized living being flinging itself through the vast expanse of space. Then we aren’t looking for beings to come out of the objects and make us feel less lonely. Don’t you see how utterly ridiculous even our code word is? Why shouldn’t it be a weather balloon? Is that not an object?

Many years ago my sister a silly spoiled ridiculous person really, had her tonsils taken out. When she was brought into the house, she looked straight at me and told me that when she had come out of hospital she saw Saturn and all its moons spinning around her.

Since I had been arbitrarily appointed her baby sister without pay I might add and since I had had enough of fruitcake, I told her in the sweetest possible voice. Mary, I am not really your sister. Your sister was taken by my family and they live on Pluto. You will never see your sister again. But you have me.

Practical jokes always backfire ask me about how minus and minus equals plus and if you have a couple of lifetimes, I will explain it to you.

Miss tonsillectomy went around the house telling everybody that I was an alien. She even got to go back to school and she told all her friends and mine that I was an alien.
She even paid them to believe it. She did see Saturn on her way back from the planet.