UFO Sightings

UFOs are real. I contacted something yesterday. It was a little white object in the sky. During the day UFOs could be above and lots of people would not know. People do not watch the sky but like to argue about the sky. I showed two people the object, one dismissed it, I do not know if he saw. The young European girl looked. I thought she was nonchalant and I asked if she saw it, she said, it was right there. For my safety I can not let you where I was. I was opened to the public for a very long time. Humans, it seems are just interested in arguing back and forth. Barbados is a very small island, people know what I did, but when I left the island in 1993, political corruption went down, I suspect. Now, I doubt you can find anyone who would verify my story. New York, well, I am in America. People think the man who proves extraterrestrial life in America would be a rich man, hahahahahahahaha. We Americans do any and ever thing and still we are naive.

I have proven the existence of UFOs and hence extraterrestrial life in Barbados and New York. I have watched and studied the skies in these two countries consistently over a period of sixteen years between 1987 and 2003 and have sent in reports to major media, the United Nations, sometimes every day for weeks at a time. I have contact with something out there. There is no guarantee that I can look to the sky and something strange and unknown might show but it has happen in the past. But that is history and I have plenty of UFOs stories that are out of this world.

I am very serious and since I have proven my self in my country some folks have gotten extremely bitter. You can not win an argument with some folks. But I am not about winning argument, I am about the further understanding of mankind This is not the only thing that might have made some extremely bitter but it has contributed a good deal, I think. I often deal with race, sex and religion. Religion and UFOs are linked. I think the characters mentioned in creation mythology actually refer to life of elsewhere but mythology because of language and politics has gotten wild. But I always remind people that certain elements of mythology are true. For example: Some African groups in Mali – according to a television documentary – and Zaire according to a Japanese anthropologist, suggest that chimpanzees were once our cousins, the former and that the bonobo, were like our ancestors. Bonobos are chimp-like apes. Modern scientists hold that these apes are human’s closest living relatives.

My experiments were wide open to the public particularly in Barbados and to the media and the United Nations via Sweden in New York. I used the call-in-programs, a local newspaper and fliers to get people to watch the skies at night