UFO Sightings

People will think I am nuts, I thought, as I went back inside the house to digest what I had just witnessed. Yet, this time there wasn’t an audience of one, there were three of us and we all agreed we had seen the same thing, ufos.

It was a quiet Wednesday evening and I was having a chat with my stepfather on the balcony when I noticed some lights moving very fast in the distance coming towards us. My stepfather turned and we went out onto the lawn to getter a better view. I called my mother to come outside and the three of us stood there watching these lights moving at breakneck speed coming in from the east. There were two and they had a very strong orange/red glow and they were moving very fast – faster then a plane, helicopter, jet. All of a sudden they stopped and were hovering in the air as though waiting for something. Then in the distance a third light came shooting across the sky from the east direction as though trying to catch up with the first two.

Eventually the third caught up and then the three of them stayed suspended in the air, all in a straight line and then disappeared suddenly as though they weren’t even there. There was no noise, no buzzing, nothing. We all looked at each other in disbelief, we knew what we had seen. The next morning I logged onto a UFO network research site and searched through their archives of sightings. What struck me as really strange was the fact that people had written down accounts of sightings which were nearly identical to what we had witnessed – but the sightings ranged over a period of nearly ten years previously.

Does it matter whether or not people believe me? No, as this was no trick of the mind, or me imagining it. This wasn’t some hot air balloon flying across the sky. Three of us saw the same thing at the same time. We know what we saw and instead of trying to find some cosmic meaning to it, we have just accepted it. Intelligent beings exist all around us and throughout the universe. If they choose to drop in and have a look, so be it.