UFO – Fact

Well for all the crazy people out there in the world, add me to the list. UFO’s are a fact. First I would like to remind you that to be vain is a sin. I believe that we are being vain to believe that God made us and stopped.

People have told tales of seeing UFO’s for many years now, but us (humans) as smart as we are, do not believe and we believe that anyone who talk of such things are crazy. I have heard many stories of people being placed into a mental hospital because they say that they seen a UFO. Now with the things that goes on in today’s world I can almost understand if no one believes when someone says that they seen an UFO, but what about the people whom reported seeing UFOs before all this technical stuff came into play.

How did people have things that played on their imagination when there were no such thing of TV and radio? How did Indian tribes have marking of people from the sky, in many of their caves and ritual readings? There was no television program to influence the minds of these people! So how could they be labeled as crazy, your guess is as good as mine! Nevertheless, that is what we do; we label what we do not understand as crazy and needing doctors. There are tales of Indian members whom were cast out of the tribe because they continue to speak of UFOs that no one else had seen, so they were crazy.

Inside the Great Pyramids, I am told, there are hundreds of pictures and symbols of the great UFOs that provide Egypt with all of its technology to build such things as the Pyramids. There are Egyptian artifacts that even today’s technology can not figure, what it is made of and how did the Egyptian people come to have it in their possession. Well I guess they got the strange tools from the local novelty store and they learnt to build all those sliding chambers by listening to the radio. By the way, some believe that the Egyptians had some form of short wave radio, which they used to communicate with the UFOs.

However, if this is not enough for you, then how did the cavemen of the ice age have pictures of UFO’s in their caves? Some scientist believe that these are just drawing of an unsteady hand, but I have been drawing all my life and if I was going to draw a bird I would draw some form of triangle not circles. If this was of unsteady hands, would it be unsteady in every picture I draw? No the more you do something the better you become at doing it! Nevertheless, our scientist believes that cavemen were not capable of knowing the difference between round and triangle! Dahhh! They can make symbols on a wall, but circle and triangle are they only ones they do not know the difference of.

Is UFOs fact or fiction? I guess we should look at our FACTs to answer that question!