Is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Based on Fact or Fiction – Fact

The historical facts of missing aircraft and ocean vessels disappearing without a trace into this “mysterious” Bermuda Triangle, they alone prove the existence of this “Devil’s triangle”.

Though the Columbus experience of a light seen is often quoted as a part of this evidence, the light did in fact turn out to be land ahead.

However, the odd fluctuations of Columbus’s compass positioning are evidence that he was close to the proximity of this “Bermuda Triangle”. Historically, the disappearances have carried this same fluctuation of compass positioning in other events.

This shows an obvious anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field.

This anomaly covers a vast area of the Atlantic Ocean, and does not remain constant, that it shifts areas within the triangle.

Leading to those, “Giant Sea Monster’s that Ate the World” kind of stories. However, these leaps of horror in the mind demystified with the advent of radio communications.

As well, the hypothesis of hurricanes and storms being the culprits, disproved. When communications were possible before a specific airplane or ship became “lost”, it was always due to erratic compass behavior, no mentions of storms.

What of mentioning those airplanes and ships that developed problems with compass navigation for a short period? These occasions considered as a temporary malfunction of the compass itself. The Columbus episode was ignored (the mystery of the “lights” were evidenced as being “land” the next journal entry) until long after the Bermuda Triangle became an issue, it is now used in hindsight as evidence of this Devil’s Triangle.)

We have more sophisticated navigational equipment and these loses at sea have become very rare. Remaining are only occurrences of small boats and planes with less sophisticated equipment and normally due to storms.

The evidence of disappearances, here-to-fore considered “bizarre”, is unmistakable, itself proving the existence of a “Bermuda Triangle”.

The issue becomes the “cause” of such an occurrence.

If one looks at the cays of Florida (Pronounced, and spelled with the English, “keys”), one can deduce the situation of the “Bermuda Triangle”.

In particular, the most stunning white sand beach in the world, Siesta Key, Florida. Unlike the other Florida Cays, which are produced by various materials from rock, coral, etc., Siesta Key is made of sand with is 99% fine quartz. These Florida Cays or “Keys” are not actually stone and earth islands they are “sandbars”.

Feasibly, these “Keys” possibly moved or washed away during a greater catastrophe of extreme storms and water movement (highly unlikely).

However, the powerful motion of tides and underwater tows of the ocean could move about such deposits of quartz like crystal on the ocean floor most easily. Specific crystals of quartz can power a watch for quite some time. Crystalline quartz in correct quantity can have an effect on the magnetic fields, and you have your answer to the great mystery of the “Bermuda Triangle”.

The Bermuda Triangle is a floating area of fact. This documented for centuries. Now, you also have a very probable “cause” for this “bizarre” occurrence.