Is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Based on Fact or Fiction – Fiction

The Bermuda triangle or the Devil’s Triangle as it has been referred to is one of the great mysteries of the world and is considered one of the most dangerous areas of the earth’s oceans. It is said to lie between the points of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami, Florida and the island of Bermuda. It is estimated that it is blamed for the disappearance of around 2,000 ships and 75 airplanes that vanished without a trace through a period of three centuries.

The first documentation of strange anomalies in the famous Bermuda Triangle was recorded by the explorer Christopher Columbus in October 1492, when he and his crew was said to have passed through the area. On the eleventh of October of that year, Columbus recorded in his log book that his crew had seen “strange dancing lights on the horizon”, “flames in the sky”, and later stated that he had encountered bizarre compass bearings in the area. In the 1490’s this area was found to be a source of valuable minerals and so many vessels were sent out to transport these.
It was recorded that many of these vessels, loaded with gold stolen from the North American natives disappeared without a trace throughout the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Some of these have been recovered within the last century by modern researchers and salvage experts who have analyzed the ocean bottom-but the nature of their disappearances is yet to be explained with certainty.

The most famous and documented disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle was that of Flight 19. On December 15th, 1945 five Avenger torpedo bombers lifted off from the Navel Air Station at Fort Lauderdale. The flight was meant to be a practice bombing run for thirteen students and a Commander, Lt. Charles Taylor. About an hour and a half into the flight, a transmission was picked up by Taylor. He indicated that his compasses were not behaving properly, but he though he was roughly over the Florida Keys. The flight coordinator urged him to fly north toward Miami if he was sure of his location to the south of Florida. Due to the lack of global positioning technology we have nowadays, Taylor had to rely on the bizarrely behaving compass, hence he became confused as to his real location.

Taylor began flying northeast toward where he thought was the Naval Air Station, but he never returned in time, which brought speculation that he may have flown off course-to the northeast of Florida. The communications between Flight 19 and the mainland got worse, and as time went on, only bits and pieces of transmissions were received indicating that the students were attempting to persuade Taylor to change his course. Eventually the Com Gulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center managed to fix Flight 19’s weakening signals. They were apparently east of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, but the communications were so poor that this information could not be passed on to the lost planes.

Searches were made for the lost planes, but to no avail. A Mariner plane with a thirteen-man crew aboard was sent out to search for the planes, but strangely this never returned either. Of course, many theories have been discussed as to the bizarre disappearance, including the possible capture by extraterrestrials, government cover ups, and invisible time warps. The most viable explanation is that the planes eventually ran out of fuel and went down and were lost in the ocean forever. However the fact remains that it was not only one but many planes that went missing all believed to have lost contact in this Devil’s Triangle.

The bizarre disappearance of Flight 19 is indeed a talking point, but it does not remain unexplained. Every disappearance can be explained in both a theoretical or paranormal sense One such disappearance is that of the U.S.S. Cyclops in March 1918. The ship vanished tons of manganese and 309 men on board while en route from Barbados to Baltimore. Theories of this vanishing act ranged from mutiny at sea to a large boiler explosion which prevented any distress call. One magazine, the Literary Digest even went to the extent as to speculate that a giant octopus rose from the sea, entwined the ship with its tentacles, and dragged it to the bottom!

So as we can see many strange goings on have occurred in the famous Bermuda Triangle which have led to many an explanation being cited, but the truth still is that this famous area still remains a mystery. The truth remains that many a strange goings on has happened here which leads me to think there might just be something sinister going on in the famous Bermuda Triangle.