Is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Based on Fact or Fiction – Fiction

The Bermuda Triangle has many anomalies happen there that is fact. The human mind can conjure up fictional things to why there are disappearances and ships floating around empty, but that’s all fiction explains about the facts of the Bermuda Triangle. Magnetic anomalies, Rouge waves, whirlpools, and even the stories about UWUFO’s ( Underwater Unidentified Flying Objects). What ever you wish to think could be true. The facts are still being tallied and until then, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle will still be seen as fictionalized stories.

There are a lot of facts that have added to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The polarity of the Earths poles that give a true north reading to compasses have a tendency to go crazy under certain circumstances and conditions at sea. Yet on the other side of the world off the sea of Japan, there is a similar section of sea that causes the same conditions and occurrences to happen. Some think that it is a link to our Earths worm hole theory, Others see the phenomenon as a reminder of the Earths original poles before the Earth shifted from a meteor hit millions of years ago.

If there are so many different ideas and so many explanations to these occurrences, then why are we no closer to the facts of the “Bermuda Triangle”? Fiction has opened many doors to the facts we pursue and it is what makes our minds race and confuse us as why these events ever happened in the first place. Through the study of science we have started opening doors to the fictional aspects of the Bermuda Triangle. The lost city of “Atlantis” may have been swallowed up by the sea by the magnetic forces that people see as fictional. They may become fact because of this eventually.

The fiction of it all leads us to draw our on conclusions about the phenomenon. Will the Earth ever give up it’s secrets? In due time and then it will go from fiction to fact. We believe in God! Can we see God? No! We can not, but we know he is there. Why do we believe?
Because it is our nature to believe in a power that is larger than the world we live in.
Is God fiction or fact? I choose to believe in what I can not see, though you may call it fiction. We go through the ages looking for facts, the truth, the reasons and we always come back to our ideals as being fiction.

The facts will happen through the course of time, through revelations and our beliefs. The right to look at things open minded and with scientific reason are what give us the gift to perceive what deep in our subconscious minds, we have known all along. We just have not opened our parts of wasted brain space to see them. We have spent the majority of our lives believing in only things we can prove as fact, when we know in our hearts we should believe in a higher understanding and it will be reveal to us in time.