UFO Contact are we Ready

I know I am, and I know a lot of other human beings who are more than ready for contact with an extraterrestrial race of beings they’ve been waiting all of their lives for some cosmic or celestial event to transform the world. And I’m not talking about the strange folk who are certain they’ve already made contact, either. Those folks might be telling the truth, but since they can’t prove their stories they become part of the lunatic fringe compared to mainstream thinking.

People who don’t believe in UFO’s or intelligent, non-human life will adjust rather quickly or they’ll snap the mental and emotional constructs that have kept them sane in a world that makes little sense already. There’ll be a lot of people who’ll break down when the saucers start landing; for the most part it will be those who hold a rigid and codified view of reality, who lack the flexibility to incorporate new beliefs into their traditional patterns.

Some folks will be liberated by the hope they’ll perceive in visitors from another galaxy; others will see only difference, and fear that even more than they fear those humans they perceive as different. The fearful ones will include a lot of our elected officials, and we have a long history of electing war-like people into public office.

My great fear is our aggressive nature. We’re quick to urge a war against things we don’t like or people we don’t understand. Our militaristic tendencies might kill any chance of making meaningful contact, as we’re more likely to fire missiles at a genuine UFO than we would be to welcome any alien presence on our planet.

We have a screaming need to unite humanity before we make the planet inhospitable to our modern way of living. There’s almost no chance that will happen without some form of external pressure, some stimulus that jolts people out of their current pattern of thinking and reasoning. It will take something far more dramatic than the signals Mother Earth is sending every day as the climate gets weird and sea levels keep slowly rising.

In fact, an extraterrestrial visit may be the last true hope for humanity. We can’t seem to stop genocide or rise above our primal urges to rape and pillage the lives of Others; we continue to squander the resources of the planet on goods and materials that are bad for us and for the environment in which all we must live.

UFO contact could be an event that would trigger the kind of evolution that many people are seeking but only a few have achieved. We are all ready for that, whether we know it or not.