UFO Contact are we Ready

The human race as a species has demonstrated a predilection to attack what we fear or do not understand for perhaps longer than recorded history. We are a war-like race motivated by our greed, jealousy and superstition, and we are driven by self-interest that in combination with our inherent suspicion and fear of the unknown serves to perpetuate an almost continuous state of war on our planet. Our most advanced technology is and always has been achieved through the need to dominate weaker nations, to impose ideology, systems of government, religion and culture, and of course killing any who disagree with these impositions.

Evidence seems overwhelming with respect to the existence of UFO’s and more advanced species sharing our universe. It would no doubt come as a significant relief to any advanced life form that the human species is yet to achieve faster than light drive or the ability to venture beyond our own tiny corner of this galaxy. We are an alien species to advanced life forms capable of intergalactic or interstellar travel and no doubt our warlike nature is of significant concern.

Our increasing use of space for the purpose of war suggests a new and more worrying dimension to this growing threat toward the survival of other species. Sometime in the future it may become necessary to defend themselves and it is therefore logical we on this planet are being closely monitored to ensure we are contained.

Monitoring our communications and covertly watching as we invent more destructive ways to kill each other is therefore nothing unreasonable to expect from any alien species fearful of our hostile intentions in the future. As a possible threat in the unknown future alien species may conceivably include systemic and highly selective contact with various individuals on the planet for the purposes of trying to understand the nature of why the human race cannot live in peace with itself.

Even our entertainment industry seems to take pride in the production of violent and war-like depictions of alien contact with releases such as Independence Day. The only logical conclusion a more advanced race of beings can arrive at is that the human race is dangerous; any contact would be conducted with extreme caution. By no means are we ready for contact with alien species and UFO contact and it is unlikely this will change until we as a species learn to live and coexist in peace.