Treasures Divers look for under the Sea

Divers look for different kinds of treasures under the sea. Treasure means many things. For some, it is gems as in buried treasure. For others, it is sunken ships and airplanes. For another group of divers, it is the fish that live in the sea. Another group dives to find new places to explore. Hundreds of treasures abound under the sea.

Treasure as in jewels

Many tropical islands have places where divers can obtain pearls and diamonds. Most charge a fee but for those wanting this kind of thing the cost is worthwhile. Some dive for the unique black pearls. Maui, Hawaii is one of the best known places to find pearl and coral. Doctor George W. Robinson says that kimberlite in South Africa and lamproite in Western Australia are treasures any diver would seek in his book, Minerals.

Diving for sunken ships and planes

The World Wars are responsible for many of the ships buried beneath the sea. During the war, some mail transport ships and planes exploded, or soldiers shot them down. Divers can find treasures that countries exported to different countries that never arrived. Historians think of treasures in terms of how and why the vehicles sank. Key West in Florida has a ship called the Mother Lode which carried over $450 million of silver and gold before it sunk.

Diving to see tropical fish

The tropics especially have colorful fish that divers refer to as treasures. The fishes have bright colors of red, orange, yellow, and combinations of colors. Corals color the water and are prizes for divers. Divers have difficulty finding these creatures in some areas. Some of them are not as easy to find as in early days. Exploring the waters tells the story about why the fish died and what changes occurred in the waters.  The Philippines provide the opportunity to see many of these fishes.

Diving for new places

Divers always look for new places where they can find and discover new things. Diving in itself is an adventure. Finding a place that is new, whether to others, or just to the one diver creates a treasure for that one diver. Some places are remote as not one has dived there in the past. These places become treasures for the discovering divers.

No matter what a diver dives for, the treasure found is just that for the specific divers. Treasure has a different meaning for specific divers.