Practical Ways to Protect Coral from Intrusion by Capital Interests

Protecting coral from capital interests means setting very strict rules about who may go out to the coral reefs. Making sure that these are only scientists and people with an interest in conservation and preservation of the coral also is a necessary measure that will help to protect coral. Divers should not carry knives or other instruments that harm or remove the coral from the rocks on which they live.


Restrictions should be set as to where a diver may dive. Building a fence over the upper layer will keep intruders out. The living part of the coral is the top layer. They grow a few millimeters each year. No collecting of any kind should occur. The rules should encourage diving and watching the wildlife that live there in the reef. They keep out those who want to harm or steal the resource.


Only scientists and those from a scientific background should enter the coral reef area. If a person does not have a permit or meet the standard to get one, that person cannot enter. Fishermen can enter the area with boats but cannot swim with the fish. Researchers help to keep the coral reefs thriving.  They keep careful data about the reef, like temperature, what animals are there, whether or not the pH or salinity has changed to harm the coral.

Allowed materials

No knives or poisons allowed in the reef. Divers have just their dive gear and wet or dry suits. Humans have the potential to harm and kill natural predators of the coral threatening its existence. Oftentimes, it is an indirect harming of the coral that occurs.


These folks will enforce the rules and help the divers explore places where they cannot harm the growing coral. Guides can show divers the best places to dive and also show them the creatures without having people harm the animals. They also see that divers do not take any animals from the reef.


Owners of coral reefs may also sell dead corals to crafters that use the coral to make jewelry and for profit. By collecting the corals for the user, the owner provides protection for the coral, automatically. The owner is the only one retrieving the coral and bringing it to the surface.

Coral is a sensitive animal and can easily sustain harm from outside sources. Wise owners will set requirements for those diving on the reef. Having coral available for sale, instead of offering tours to the reef, can help keep the coral healthy and undamaged.