Indiana Jones was Magic for Archeology – No

Indiana Jones is the best thing that could happen for archeology.

It suddenly gave people interest in archeology in a way never known before. It opened eyes and minds to archeology. Archeology when learned in school can be boring but after seeing Indiana Jones, suddenly it woke up the interest of young and old.

Yes archeology has two sides; the one where you find certain pits with old incredible finds and you need to work hard for years and it is a slow process of moving inch by inch forwarded. The other side can sometimes be incredible where you can find treasures inside the jungle and they do have traps and treasures.

Look at the Mayas, or the pyramids in Egypt. Look at certain ships where you can find incredible treasures. There are still so many treasures that have not been found and as more people go into treasure hunting we will find more and more treasures.

Indiana Jones has opened the possibilities for this research to be taken at a new level. Look at one of the Indiana Jones film with the famous Ark of the bible. Many of you don’t know that the oldest bible books that were found are two thousand year old and there are still many to be found. They were hidden with big treasures two thousand years ago when the temple was destroyed.

Hundred years ago not all the events were in fact recorded in history and many cities were destroyed by volcanoes, earthquakes, some cities fell into the oceans and the number of incredible ships that sunk into the sea with incredible treasures.

So certain people have been trying to collect facts, look into histories, and find some old documents in different cities that had ports were some facts might have been noted on certain ships disappearing.

Of course on the same treasures can be two researchers trying to find them, and sometimes certain treasures are found by robbers and like in the Indiana Jones films there are murders and certain mysterious disappearances.

I can tell you that certain documents of the Dead Sea scrolls disappeared into the vaults of the Vatican. The story of the da Vinci Code, as much as it is a film and speaking of certain documents is not far from the truth of things happening even today.

The Vatican caves have treasures that most people don’t even realize or dream of their existence. I can assure you that these treasures are unbelievable and that is why the human beings don’t get to see them yet.

So Indiana Jones has helped archeology in a very positive way.