Time Travel might really be possible

Time travel , in my estimation as an amateur scientist is a mathematical fact. I feel not only is it a fact, but if we think about it, it’s very easy to understand. I have read much material on different theories of time travel.

Many are so complex it would take both Steven Hawking and Albert Einstein to explain them and frankly THEY MAKE QUITE BORING READING. I would imagine that readers of Helium who love science want to know, in simple terms if time travel is possible. Forget the quantum physics and complex mathematical equations. They are important, but not essential to understanding the basics of time travel.

In a former treatise I wrote about time travel. In this article I will only discuss time travel to the future and will deal with time travel to the past in another writing. I myself am more interested in traveling to the past. In my opinion The future looks quite bleak and I speak both as a Christian and a scientist. However, time travel to the future is not only possible, but very easy to understand. It all depends on how fast you are moving. Nearly every scientist agrees.

One of the stars I study is Sirius, a blue white star, that is one of our brightest stars and forms part of what is called in astronomy “the winter triangle”. This interesting object is about eight light years away. The light that we see from this star left Sirius eight years ago, traveling at 186,242 miles per second (the speed of light). This is a very well known fact among astronomers.

Let us assume that I want to travel to earth’s future. I first need a space ship that can travel near the speed of light. I have a ship that can do that. Perhaps it can travel at 180,000 miles per second. I am certain that if there is Alien technology they have mastered light speed travel. I leave earth in 2007 with the goal of jumping into earth’s future and ascertaining if Sirius has an earth like planet orbiting it.

I arrive near Sirius in 2015 find a habitable earth-like planet and then decide to head back for earth after a breath respite. The entire trip took me about 16 years. However on earth about one hundred years would have passed.

It would be 2115 or pretty close. This is because time on earth was not moving at the speed of light, but much slower. Actually once I arrive near Sirius it would be over 50 years into earth’s future. I would be seeing earth as it was fifty years into the future. Again this is because I would be traveling much faster than time is expiring on earth. Each year I travel at the speed of light would be equal to about five earth years.

Now if you want to travel 5 years into earths future all you need do is shorten the time to say a one year light speed round trip. Now you can see how simple it would be.

The main problem is being able to travel at near light speed. Once we can do that, time travel to the future would be quite simple. However time travel to the past is not quite so easy and implies some very unique problems. We can do it. All we need do is find a way to bypass the speed of light and there are scientists today, who are certain they can do this. This would in my opinion entail the use of both a vehicle traveling at light speed vehicle, and going through space that is bent or warped.