Is Time Travel possible

Everybody travels in time. If you just do nothing for twenty-four hours, it will be tomorrow. You will have advanced in time by one day. Of course when we discuss time travel, it is either to travel backwards or to move forward at a rate that would reveal the future to us. We would then expect to be able to make a the trip back to our own time.

Whether time travel will ever be a possibility is a matter of much debate. I know very few people who are not interested in time travel. Because of this, efforts will be made to try and make a way to visit other time periods both future and past. So, if time travel is determined to be impossible, it will not happen because people did not try to leave the present and return.

The first problem with backwards time travel is the dilemma of figuring out if there is a past to visit. Some speculate that once the past is spent, it is gone. If one could travel backwards in time all that would be discovered is that their is no past left to see.

Traveling in either direction assumes that time is a continuum. We actually have very little evidence to suggest that time is a continuum. If time is not a continuum, traveling backwards in time would not be possible. Traveling forwards in time would be a one way trip just as it is now only you might be able to get their faster.

Some have theorized that traveling at extremely high rates of speed actually makes you consume time more slowly. The idea being that you outrun a little of time. While this was conceived by Einstein, it is still difficult to prove quantitatively.

The thought is that if you could travel fast enough, you would stay roughly the same age while others around you continued to stack on the years. With this thought, going to the stars at multiples of light speed, you would return still young and robust. Those you left behind will have grown old and died before your return.

One of the most convincing arguments against time travel is that no one from the future has come to see us. If they have, we have been effectively kept in the dark about it. One would think that great care would be taken to keep from tipping us off to prevent creating a change in the past that would eliminate the time traveler’s from every existing.

If time travel is determined to be possible, the vacation opportunities could become limitless. It may very well be that if other dimensions are ever discovered in a way that they can be visited that they may hold the key to visiting other times. With advances in quantum understanding coming in great numbers, the key that unlocks the mysteries of time could be closer than any of us realize.