Considering whether Time Travel is possible and should be Allowed

The time traveler! You can travel to the future, but not the past.
For a time traveler to go back in time, “like watching a movie in reverse” he will realize that it is not only him going back in time, everything there exist in our universe would have to go back in time at the same pace. If this was possible and the time-traveler went back to say year 2000, He would then have lost all knowledge of the future he came from, and if he went to far, Past the time of his birth. Well then, he would cease to exist.
Traveling back in time is an impossible dream. Because if we look at what time represent, you will understand that it is physically impossible, like pulling a rabbit out of thin air.
In reality, time is not an extra dimension as such; time is a word describing the movement of matter. If the fabric of matter had no movement, then there would be no time and even if you where able to make every sub-atomic particle in the universe, turn around and go back in reverse, like a movie in reverse. You would still be moving toward the future, not the past.
There are different time zones depending on the strength of gravity, and speed as described by Einstein, but even without depending on these laws, it is possible to jump instantly years into the future.
An talking about instantly traveling years into the future and being conscious aware of it, Yes it’s not only possible, it has happened before.
The other day I read in the News-paper about such a person. 18 years ago this person lost conscious awareness, getting it back 18 years later.
Yes, he was in a coma for 18 years. Sure, his body did not make the jump but his conscious awareness made the jump. As far as he knows, he made an instant jump of 18 years into the future. Like the astronaut coming back from his trip, find that his children are older than himself, is like the person in a coma, they have both missed out on the knowledge, accumulated over these missing years.

Well, I can think of at least four ways to make a jump into the future. (1) The Astronaut by accelerating speed. (2) by being in a coma. (3) by being frozen down. (4) and last but not least, something there happen to us all every day, or could I say Night . Every Night we all miss out on 8 hours of conscious awareness.
The only way a person can travel to the past, is for the past to travel to him. That will happen when the Astronaut have returned from his adventurous trip. Then looking at the Astronaut and his spaceship, this person has made contact with the past.