Time Travel might really be possible

Time travel is possible if the facts as stated by the scientific community are true and accurate. But as with many people I see many problems to solve in order to get to the Time Travel Port. And to answer a point I see over and over, if time travel has already been achieved, you are living it now. For if time travel has happened and someone has went back and changed the future, we are part of that reality. And for that matter how do we know that someone in the past, say Atlantis, has not already invented a time machine, thus somehow causing the destruction of Atlantis. We could call these time lines Pure Time and Tampered Time. (Boy I hope these names catch on) So if you have an eternity of pure time no one has been anywhere but in his or her normal time. But tampered time would mean someone is moving in time. And as I stated I don’t believe we would know any different unless someone stood up and said, (And proved) I am a time traveler. Some of the problems are as follows; Many people know that the speed of light is not within the reach of our technology. But when it is and these times are coming, traveling into the future or past has these problems. Our time is based on the movement of our planet through space. The rotation is how we gage the days but the time is passed by the rate at which we move away from the center of the Universe, about 200.000 miles an hour. In one hour the planet will be 200,000 more miles out. So to move in time not only do you have to go passed a certain speed you have to gage exactly where the Earth will be when you stop your ship. Where would you start from? Could an Earth bound machine create enough speed and power to move in time? Maybe at the Magnetic North or South pole. I believe that moving in time for our planet means moving in the same path as the planet has moved to go back in time, or in the path the planet is on to go forward in time. If you just took off in any direction how would it relate to the past or future of this planet as far as time travel. And to reach time travel speed it would seem to me that light speed plus 200’000 would stop time and anything past that would create time travel into the past. And since moving into the future adds an even more difficult dimension, it has not happened yet. What parameters would create time travel there? It should have to do with speed. If the speed of light means stopping time, then 200,000 miles per hour would mean what? Would the Earth physically stop then a ship and it’s occupants move in time with more speed? Not in our reality. So 200,000 miles an hour more would equal the speed of the Earth, And would more speed be needed? Theoretically yes and the speed you actually do move through time would mean even more speed to get anywhere substantial. Wow the endless need for speed reminds me of a 50’s B movie. The use of Quantum physics, studies of bending blue light and the power of solar sails are a good start but I have a feeling our generation wont get past starting settlements on Mars. Which would be wonderful you can sign me up from the start for that one. But as plausible as it is unless we have a major breakthrough in energy production it wont happen soon. Just remember some years ago a bunch of Hillbilly’s were standing around a couple of young guys saying
“You gonna build a flyin machine? Gonna take you up in the air like a little birdie huh. Why we think your brain already flew away.ha ha ha ha”
Well maybe they said something like that. More to come I think.