The wonder of Water a most Fascinating Molecule

If God were a molecule which do you think He would be. There is only one answer, He would have to be water. It is both the origin of life and a most powerful natural force. The most wondrous sights are made from water, beautiful waterfalls and mighty icebergs. I think it is the most fascinating molecule to exist on the planet and it is also one of the simplest.

It is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, hence the most well known of molecular formulas H2O. It is a V shaped molecule with the oxygen atom in the middle of two hydrogen atoms. It is this shape which helps to give water some of its properties. For example, water is one of the few compounds that takes up greater volume as a solid than it does as a liquid, and this is why ice floats in water.

Other than the spectacle of water in its different forms, it also brings us pleasure in other ways. In the form of snow, it allows us to ski and toboggan down hills and mountains. Universally children love snow and build their snowmen and partake of the odd snowball fight at the least opportunity. At the other end of the spectrum are the steam baths in which a large number of us spend time relaxing and enjoying the soothing effect on our bodies. And how else would we keep ourselves, our homes, our clothes and our chinaware clean.

We also rely on water for a great variety of tasks. To heat our homes and keep us snug against the winter cold. Imagine trying to cook without water, it would be extremely difficult and even if we could, we rely on water for the jus, sauces and gravies that make our meals more palatable. We all enjoy driving to do our shopping, visit family and friends and to get to work. Our transport system couldn’t work with water as a coolant. In fact the only time we bemoan the presence of water is when we are caught out in a rain storm.

Water is absolutely essential for life. Humans can survive without drinking water for only 3 to 6 days. That is a measure of how dependent we are on it. 60% of the composition of an average sized adult is water. It is the largest constituent of our body mass. It is not so much that we cannot survive without water as it is that we are largely water wrapped in a carbon based sheath. To return to my God analogy, we would most certainly be made in His image if He was indeed water.