The Social Implications of Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a movement supporting the use of new science and technology to enhance human mental, and physical abilities, and ameliorate what it regards as undesirable and unnecessary aspects of the human condition. Examples of such being, death, aging, suffering and stupidity.

Not a bad thought, everyone being perfect, never dieing, never angry or sick and full of love and care for everyone. Could it happen? I would dare to think that someone would eventually fall from this grace of god-like being and actually have a thought or emotion that came from the heart.

Assuming we could get into this transhumanistic state what would the world be like? I would enjoy being able to go anywhere or doing anything I want without the fear of anything negative happening. I would enjoy not seeing the homeless or the destitute trying to panhandle a bite to eat or a drink. It would be wonderful for everyone to be equal or would it?

Not being a person to advocate anything evil on anyone or society itself it is a proven fact that we have to have some things. We have to have free thought to make up our own minds and decide what we will do. It is awful that some choose bad and evil things but it is a part of the natural balance in our world. If we could make everyone ageless alot of us would like that. On the other hand though what would a world full of teen-agers look like?

If no one ever died that would be such a relief to us all. The pain of losing someone is so great, as we all know. But what would happen then? The worlds population is growing exponentially now. People are living longer with the technologies we have now. If everyone chose when they would die how many would choose death? Where would all the people be then? We would probably have high-rise apartment building’s everywhere to accommodate the growth.

As far as eliminating ignorance and stupidity, is it possible? I know how some people are labeled with these derogatory names but what is stupid and ignorant? Are these not to words that mean the opposite of smart or intellectual? To say that someone is ignorant only means they aren’t as intelligent in who you are comparing them to. I know some doctors and politicians one could say are stupid. They don’t know how to repair an electrical outlet or replace a fuse in a panel box. Should there class be eliminated?

I say that it takes us all being different in order to form society as we know it. Society does have it’s problems but it would have just as many different problems if one went with the transhumanism theory.

Another thing to consider is who would be in charge of deciding who or what was modified? Would it not be so that they would be much like a politician and invoke on mankind what they believe and perceive to be the right way to live?

Everyone being different is what makes this world great. If we were all alike we would not need anyone else. If we were all “intelligent”, “superior beings”, why would we need anyone else? We could do everything ourselves. I could wake up in the morning read my morning paper, drink my coffee, do appendicitis surgery on my child, do angioplasty on dad, and deliver my third child. I don’t think so! This is why we are and will be different or there will be no society only individuals who are totally equal.