The Social Implications of Transhumanism

Transhumanism, possibly a new phrase to replace the old two-worded secular humanism, that tired old God rejecting philosophy of man’s wisdom, which in general wants us to think, “God can’t be true because man cannot respond to him as He requires (with humility of heart and repentant mind, now ready to do His will).” Once again, a philosophy which claims to be superior to all the religion, politics, and social orders that are in place, and to purport that this philosophy can build elevators into space, make our bodies super-human, and “eradicate disease?” STOP aging? Hmmm. This is like stopping a 50,000 lb boulder which is already rolling down the mountain at 25 mph. But by becoming your “own gods” by fulfilling the human age old lie of “recreating God in our own image” by becoming wiser than God would ever show us, that our imagination is paramount and faith is useless.

Truly, there are some caustic people out there who claim Christianity as their lifestyle but whose love quotient of heart does not approach 0.01 (1%). So are these true Christians? True Christians repent and follow their Lord to do only two things in life-take care of the most unfortunate among us, the widows and orphans, and keep ourselves pure and unspotted from the world. So to keep unspotted, you must first become unspotted. Only Jesus Christ can do that for you. Then, you use all blessings first to find and serve those orphans and widows. Now, orphans and widows become what they are through loss of their relaitonship to a father, who either dies untimesly or who just leaves. Why these things happen is a result of the cruel consequences of world activity. Sin and Evil prowl out each day, looking for one to devour. Who can stop this? Only God, and his peace can be yours today, if you submit to him!

Next you’ll all be telling me about my funny superstitions and hollow faith. Now think, my friends. If God is superrnatural and we are too feeble to witness his Purity full on without perishing, how can he reveal himself to us? How about through angels, prophets and priests, and then, finally, the King of Kings, his own Son? God’s brilliant p lan? Allow those humanists, the ones who know better, to Kill his Son? How could he forgive that?

How indeed! Yet, he does, for he raised him from the dead to take out sin’s power over us, to SEPARATE us from death. Only he can. Once we become Christians, we are obligated only to love, to forgive, which would be to live and love as Jesus did. How can we do that unless we invite you to re-examine your heart, turn to Him and live. It’s our only hope. We do now judge you, we only know the results of a lifetime of rejecting God. We don’t want those results to fall on us or you. We implore all of you to return to your real Father, the husband of your fields. Live forever with him. Our basic assumption is that no one can be closer to God than anyone else.
We don’t want to be limited by this earth forever. Now, I can’t explain to anyone how it all works in the forever of Heaven. Many people ask us “Will amputees be whole in heaven again?” we know that Paul assures us that the perishable body will be transformed to imperishable. I would think then, that this new body probably includes more than perfect arms and legs (and wings?), heart, lungs, and stomach. Perhaps we wwill then have a mind unable to refuse to listen to God and instanty understanding his will?

A man once asked “If God is all powerful, can he make a rock that he cannot lift?”
Well, he made us, but if we will just humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, He will lift us up. This promise “He will…” I think gives us more hope than if we test God.

Stop aging, eradicate disease, cloning perfection into the human race? Let’s all be careful not to overstep our bounds, and stay humble.