The Social Implications of Transhumanism

Transhumanism is just one pf a plethora of technical innovations capable of terminating a human social environment. The million dollar question for each of the potential bio-technical agents of radical, transformative change is;’will this one be the one that isn’t a dud’? Will a human social reality; evolved through countless generations, be able to exist after wild, inhuman, randomly assembled physiological are introduced to the human genome and post birth life pattern{s} or will the structure of human biological and social life collapse catastrophically like the World Trade Centers when the ‘tipping point’ of Arabian suicide hijackers flying stolen aircraft arrived?

Genesis 3:4″And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
5For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. “

The goal of trans-humanism is of course to live beyond human mortal limits. Xeno-transplantion on intellipig plantations, cyborg transition, becoming one with television programming-these are all methods of seeking to make real what Narcissus could only ponder in a puddle.

Transhumanism is a monstrous mockery of humanism and what it is to be a human being. It is a trend toward the dark side of the force of good and evil. The syllogism ‘All men are mortal, Socrates is a man, therefore Socrates is mortal’ would become ‘Socrates is, and is’es, and what is the meaning of his particularly isness?’

Transhumanism means the contentious issue of estate taxes would become irrelevant, and child birthing would be illegal for space availability reasons. Animal rights activists would demand the animals become immortals too raising grave questions about what animals have a morally superior right to eat other immortal animals even if they don’t need too.

Congress will probably suspend farm subsidies when people stop eating food, and chefs will go on strike when patrons go instead to mountaintops to consider the sunrise star movements and sunsets instead, or take off on interstellar missions in slow rockets because they will live forever anyway unless quantum uncertainty makes them fall apart over time or morph into rocks.

D.N.A. computing using single strands of D.N.A. and fragments of structure for meaning in logic gates of three kinds is already investigated in scientific laboratories. The human genome has evolved integrated into deep forces in nature. Alteration of individual human D.N.A. through xeno-transplantation, new forms of harvesting and morally cannibalizing embryos for the purpose of sustaining existing humans in a process of organ vampirism and embryonic mass murder, genetic designer engineering and sundry other methods of changing the way human beings exist individually will further erode the natural functions and systems integrity of the human genome battered presently by a variety of powerful natural physiological altering manufactured agents. Transhumanism as a way to seek to extend human life will simply transmogrify human life into something else possibly worse than death.

Death, the philosopher John Paul Sartre wrote, is the complete triumph of the other. Many human beings fear death and especially within an atheist and unphilosophical paradigm of personal epistemology believe that death is the end of everything. Christians of course have a different opinion, and the ancient Greek philosophers and especially the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus of the third century understood that life is simply one place that one can be, and that this Universe and life is part of something larger, and better. To attempt to stay here in this universe forever is like attempting to stay in a dream forever; in a dream no longer sustained by a dreamer if separated from God. The reality of existing in a Universe of broken forms would be very, very cold and actually a hell.

Human experience of life and of the Universe seems as it is because human beings are temporal beings with intelligence or self-awareness and awareness of otherness. If a human being lived as long as a neutron star in a low metabolic state consciousness might be of an equivalently slow paradigm with a thought every several billion years some have speculated. Human beings experience this universe as they do because they are a part of it even consuming it as an energy source. The entire human race has co-evolved in a complimentary way through sexual reproduction and in a specific universal physical criterion…to change and disintegrate the nature of things is very, very wrong. While it is a good idea to improve human health the limits of the Universe are real too, to outgrow the Universe will leave no place to go…humanity must be willing to accept the destiny that God has given them as emanations from the One and reconcile themselves unto The One through Jesus Christ.

Athletes will extra arms will get legs upmanship to in scaling meandering yet meaningful coefficients of social adversity. Genetic engineers will cut and splice out intellectual resistance to transhumanism as the invasion of the body snatchers becomes the supplemental federal bill and steering committee on reduction of national resistance to transhumanism and its deleterious effect upon management of reliance on Muslim fossil fuels, the Bushes and the Clintons.

There isn’t a limit to the potential alteration of the human form with modern scientific knowledge evolving as it is, yet isn’t it unwise to transform humanity into whatever it can think of in a sort of self-mutilation of humanity and the human genome? People could have extra brains, extra hardware, extra appendages, extra organs-more of anything imaginable really, and nothing would remain of any natural human being or human race that are children of the Universe grown in natural harmony within it. Its rather an all or nothing thing, and something of a philosophical question…should humanity be golden children of the sands of temporality on the beaches o a billion worlds with God as their redeemer or collective giant intelligent fungus never dying and experiencing all intelligent data vicariously with reanimationed sense movies of prior experience substituting for the meaningfulness of anything real. To become cells in the long-lived planetary fungus with smarts is a goal for some people of the world today evidently.

Transhumanism brings to the table people using launching platforms for the advantage of death evasion techniques merging into artificial plant forms on the planet Xena. The rage for transhumanism preceded the demotion of Pluto from full planet status and will continue as the human de-engineering of the perfectly evolved human form as it is proceeds to maladapt humanity into its own fragmented image of less than wholeness. The mystical defragmenter of the human genome will not suddenly appear to clear up more space and execute run commands for efficiency when the transhuman monster alterity has set in to devour entirely the genome for-itself and pull the remainder with it into some cosmic sinkhole without change percolating turgidly as an emission from the dregs of time.

Transhumanism instead of wisdom will not bring humanity to full knowledge of The One through Jesus Christ’s remedial sacrifice. Instead the broken forms of humanity will become more fragmented and lost in the farthest reaches of doom without the light of God.

Transhumanism is a way of surpassing the standard political criteria of the day of course in the belief that any sort of order is too restrictive, in course including mortal limits. The ability to grow stem cells without embryos or eggs but cultured from any human cell has increased the variety of potential deformations of human form including unlimited wilded cell growth. I will review some more basic history of borders and culture especially regarding America in order to keep the philosophical feet on the ground a little bit here on the subject of becoming more than human, or trans-human.

Arnold Toynbee wrote a book named ‘Mankind & Mother Earth’ in 1974-I think it his last- that updated ‘A Study of History’…it’s quite worth reading still.

I think the proliferation of weapons is worse than ever, and Pakistan is probably going to be a long-range problem with nuclear proliferation-

When the Roman Empire fell in the west and a half millennium more later or less in the east it set the necessary conditions for the rise of western civilization to develop especially with the challenge-response of Muslims and Mongols. The collapse of any global society typically brings AAA chaos to the world, and that could be quite serious. Like the Roman republic the United States will fall if it does eventually by it’s own dissipation of it’s own nationhood through globalization. Democracy was intended to control capitalism not vice versa, and globalization of a capital corporatism will move the world toward authoritarianism rather than democracy.

Corporations are implicitly autocratic and in no way democracies. Internationally an ad hoc oligarchic social order or even corporatism fascism or communist elite autocratic unified world order with C.E.O.’s and board members and the working proletariat will bring about the collapse of democracy in the United States following the subversion of its energy and transportation independence, borders, language and culture.

Isolation isn’t a necessary response or even possible but just a political awareness of the need for support for economic independence in the U.S.A. so far as possible, environmental health without rampant environmental corporate mal-wear practices on the biosphere.

Canadian development has always been interactive with that of the United States from the times of John Cabot, The Bay Company, Wilfred Laurier and later to American intervention in France in the first world war. Crown Prince Ruprecht’s desperate and failed yet brilliant final offensive was halted in part by the newly arrived American army forestalling further Canadian casualties for more years in a stalemated conflict that had already taken 40,000 Canadian lives.

Plainly a collapse of a global economy is worse than a national economy-and a reason to keep some national independence alive. There are many potential apocalyptic scenarios today (I write a little science fiction too) such as weaponized rabbitpox genetically modified to attack human speed up with stem cell wilding techniques to tempt deranged scientific neophyte political theoreticians. I will go put some paint on the building and leave off with this sort of stuff-

Von Mises and Hayak disagreed about monetary policy and what real capital is, so I won’t try to become technical on that aspect of the global monetary policy that has gone well past Breton Woods-it would be good if Galbraith were still around to comment in his incisive way. It is possible that trans-humanism will devastate all economic and social rationality and simply grow the problems away when necessary with state dictated cabbage patch sentences.