The Importance of Emotion

Emotion, a human feeling that dictates a complexity of one’s mind. An emotion is a feeling that we humans get from surrounding matter, biochemical experiences and anything that changes in our life at a sudden movement. Why do we have such a feeling and why is it important? Emotion can feel like a great benefit but it can also feel like it is weighing you down. But without these strong and powerful emotions, we would not be what we are. We are higher beings capable of higher learning than all other animals, it is quite an honor and a miracle how we became such complex creatures full of thought and ideals. Even our ideas are driven by that powerful force of emotion.

Emotion is one of the most powerful senses of a human being. It can take hold of us and choice our own decisions for us. While people say the brain is more rational, and the heart is where the emotion lies, it can be used as a powerful statement. Let us say a loved one of yours has died, your life shifts and becomes totally changed around, that is only because you have emotions. Without emotion you would act like a robot towards the sudden death, and keep going on with the routine of your life as if nothing has occurred out of the ordinary. Sometimes emotions feel like they hinder us and change us making us too depressed or even such as too happy and light headed.

Our emotional state of being is what makes us stronger as a human, as a society even. Emotions are deeply stored inside of our mind, our body, and our whole being. There are three key signs of intense emotions such as deep angry, sadness involving crying, and pure joy, happy and full of laughter. All other emotions are based on these three and branch off into different directions. This is what makes us have the ability to think through with it and go on what we decide is best for us, this is based on our emotional being.

Emotions can be handled in a negative and a positive way. They push us through our life with either influence if it be good or bad. But they truly make us stronger and more developed every time we use thought to take up an emotion. So as a guideline, emotions help us with information, help us speak, and help us choose decisions, without them we’d all be the same, a dead inside cold as ice being without that special train of thought.