The seven Universal Facial Expressions of Emotion

There are seven universal facial expressions of emotion that you can recognize on any face no matter where in the world you are. People speak different languages and they have different ways of handling things. One thing they can’t change is the facial expression they get when they are feeling an emotion.

Here are the seven universal facial expressions of emotion:

Sadness- Sadness can easily be seen on a person’s face and is rarely misread. You can see sadness in a downturned mouth, sad and longing eyes and possibly tears. Sadness is felt by everyone, no matter race, gender or nationality.

Surprise- Surprise, whether good or bad, is an emotion that is universal when it comes to facial expression. The mouth will generally drop open, the eyes widen and the forehead will usually raise at least a bit. Surprise isn’t always good but when it is, it will be followed by a very quick smile from ear to ear.

Fear- Fear is one of the worst emotion to read on someone’s face. That is when the eyes widen, the face may cringe and the forehead will show crinkle lines. This is a very easily recognized sign and one that is very difficult to disguise. It is also accompanied with body language that is universal.

Love- Bright and shiny eyes usually means that a person is expressing some type of love. It can also be followed with a smile or grin that is unmistakable. This is a universal expression on the face that most people love to be on the receiving end of. Even little children know this expression well and will respond to it.

Worry- Worry lines show up on the forehead. The mouth is downturned and the lips often become pursed.

Anger- Anger is easily read as well as the other facial expressions universal to emotions. Anger will have the face twisted up. The mouth will often go in different directions. One second it will be pursed lips, the next it might be a slightly open mouth as if they are getting ready to say something. The forehead becomes extremely wrinkled and the eyes often bug out.

Wonder/Awe- Wonder and awe are one of the most fantastic emotions in the world. It is also a universal facial expression on emotion. You can see wonder or awe on a person’s face by the big and bright eyes and the grin or open mouth. It is very easily recognizable facial expression bringing joy to those who experience it.

These are the seven most universal facial expression of emotion. It isn’t likely that you will mistake them for anything but what they are. These expression sometimes bring joy and sometimes bring sadness. Whatever they make you feel, they will be seen on the faces of everyone worldwide as some time or another.