Emotional Versus Logical Thinking

People have to make decisions every day; sometimes they are big ones, such as should you marry someone that has proposed to you, other times they are small ones, such as whether to have that last doughnut in the break room; but decisions must be made nonetheless, otherwise, people would become frozen, unable to figure out which way to go.

And the thing is, people make decisions based on an awful lot of things, even the simplest of decisions, such as which dress to wear to work on any given day. The mind goes though all the possible choices as the repercussions of each is weighed; does one make you like too thick because you’ve been overeating lately, or another might look too slutty, or it doesn’t seem like the right color for an overcast day, or maybe Jim in accounting kind of raised his eyebrow the last time you wore that green one. It’s all a chaotic mélange of emotion and reasoning and the your final choice may actually have little to do with which dress is truly the best and most appropriate for any given day, or even if a dress is right for that matter.

And that’s why decision-making can be so troublesome; because we sometimes use the logical part of our mind, while at other times, we go with pure emotion.

The difference between the two is if when considering two alternative choices, we base our decision on well thought our reasoning, rather than how we feel about it. For example, say you are faced with having to decide whether to say yes or no to a man that has asked you out on a date. If you were to use pure logic, you’d do a quick assessment of the man in question, categorize him, and then make your decision based on the chances of the two of you having a good time on your date, and the possible chances of it evolving into something deeper, if that is what you are looking for. If you go with emotion on the other hand, you’d look him over to see if there is any chemistry there, and note whether he makes you wiggle inside or not and you might even consider how naughty the two of you might get later on and how thinking about it right at that moment makes you feel. Thus, going with the logic is likely to get you to say yes to dates that are right and makes sense for you, while going with emotion is more than likely to lead you into trouble unless your emotional reasoning is in line with your logical one.

And that in a nutshell is the difference. Your logical self makes decisions based on rational data, while your emotional self makes decisions based on how you feel about things.