The Existence of Space and Time Warps

It was reported on February 8th, 2007 that Harvard professor Lene Hau successfully converted light into matter moved that bit of matter from one location to another at the incredibly slow speed of about 600 feet per hour, then turned that matter back into a beam of light.

This is the same person who in 1998 slowed a beam of light down to 38 miles per hour, and two years later stopped a beam of light completely.

While this is an amazing advance in the field of modern physics, it should come as no surprise to the mystic. This experiment goes to prove one of the oldest mystical tenets that matter and energy are one. This principle was popularized and eventually proven by Albert Einstein with his famous E=mc declaration, which basically equates matter and energy. The mystics and practitioners of magick have understood for millennia that everything is made of light and that what we think of as “physical” matter is merely that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we have the ability to detect with our 5 senses. (it is my contention that while some believe in a “6th sense”, there are actually ten senses that we all have, but most of us are only aware of five).

This is not to belittle the brilliance of this experiment, in which a light beam strikes a super-cooled cloud of sodium that is chilled to only a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.

Absolute zero is the temperature at which there is no movement of matter whatsoever. At that temperature (should it ever be achieved), it is theorized that due to the complete lack of kinetic energy, infinite potential energy exists in such a state.

In the Jewish mystical text, called the Zohar, which is basically a mystical commentary of the Torah, there are many references to “the Light of the Eye”. This term refers to the inner light. The “light of the eye” refers to that light you see when you close your eyes tightly. It also refers to the light that creates the visual images of your thoughts as well as that of your dreams. Every ancient form of magick uses the power of this inner light. Those ancient disciplines teach the adept to learn to control this inner fire and the light thereof, so that when the adept creates within his/her mind the extreme low state of energy comparable to that of the sodium cloud that inner light will be converted into what the common folk call “matter”. Creating matter from light is something we all do, whether we are aware of it or not. Our inner thoughts continually manifest to form the “physical” world around us. That state of mind comparable to the cloud of sodium atoms that is near absolute zero, I believe to be the state of dreamless sleep. It is the coldest, darkest, and blackest of the mystical realms that we enter into. From this state of mind everything is possible and nothing is impossible. G-d created the universe from this state, and endowed us with the ability to do the same.

The keepers of the inner firethose priests, alchemists, magicians, and adepts who tend the fires within those who master it. Those who learn to capture and control it they are the gods who hold the keys to so-called “reality”. The scientists like Dr. Hau should be honored for illustrating to the masses that everything that is “real” is no more real than the flashing images that come through your television set and that you have the power to control it all.

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