The Existence of Space and Time Warps

A before the big bang cosmology described by recent string theorists, an expansion of only an apparent singularity, a solar heliopause that is striated and irregular…space and time may have more surprises that present theory doesn’t account for. The Hubble ultra deep field reaches images of stars that are as old as 600 billion years after the big bang. Black stars rather than black holes may exist perhaps evading problems associated with hypothetical singularities. Space-time may be implicitly bent and warped with natural channels within it unrelated to visible mass. Some dimensions may be extended below and above the planck length simultaneously in unhypothesized configurations.

Alteration in statistical strength of a space-time sections exists-space-time hasn’t uniform gravitational characteristics. Mass and energy are affected in space-time through speed-of light acceleration to a destination field in a vacuum, although the mutual attraction of two gravitationally attracting bodies may offset the effect of acceleration a little. One wonders if a mono-directional gravitational pole that allowed a particular g-field to attract it wouldn’t maximize the acceleration effects in the absence of attraction from other g fields?

Mass-and energy effects in g-fields are measurable, yet space-time itself isn’t. Time is the rate of change perhaps measurable statistically through the calculus of concentration and acceleration of quanta in a g-field-yet that may be ab arbitrary consequence of the effect of using a differential calculus to the phenomena of mass-energy change in space and time. What space and time are for themselves are complete mysteries. Einsteins’ frame of reference criterion and the intervals of being and nothingness are about it-everything is descriptive of mass and energy. Rather than space-time warps the actual salient criteria for fast distance super-positon at a 4-dimensional scale should be the transport holistically of mass-energy through a g-field without effects of special or general relativity occurring.That could be possible and so might faster than light travel-after all the inflaton theory exploits faster than light expansion ideas. Perhaps the problem is in the form of mass energy and it’s inherent deformation with motion rather than finding a space-time ‘warp’ top go visit the pretty things on the other side of the Universe next week.

Space-time warps alter the relationships between space and time in special relativity. Einstein’s special relativity with light moving at a constant speed and the experience of time set in relation to the motion of other event coordinates was developed in the absence of Einstein’s general theory of relativity about the curvature of space-time. Space-time and mass-energy seem to be related intrinsically. At the beginning singularity space-time had no dimensions or mass, time or space-it was an unextended zero dimensional membrane in theory. It has no other basis for conjecture I think. At some originating place logically the number of attributes of any material things must continually be reduced toward the fewest and actually none. No extension, dimensions or mass-energy…and then all of a sudden some totally, absolutely powerfully infusion of a single attribute exists and it expands through the inflaton and through thermodynamic and temporal events.

Mass seems to be the most concatenated state of energy. All those photons compacted together would form mass and if compacted enough, a black hole and singularity. Space-time and dimensions associated with mass may collapse toward a singularity. In some ways the black hole with its associated warping of space-time resembles the singularity at the beginning of time-necessarily a naked singularity without an event horizon unless that is the entire universe itself as a temporal phenomena in contrast to eternity surrounding it. Some wonder if crushed dimensions might provide passages to other places in normal space-time. One wonders about quantum super-positing and if such an eternal appearing higher order transcends time as well as space. If wave-form particles before being defined at a particular place by measurement have an all-possible places existence are they part of a trans-temporal extra-dimensional matrix? How does that matrix relate to the passage of time instantaneously if time is not just an array or statistically field associated with the expansion of space? Would time travel in regard to the place of the observer be changed with quantum super-positioning from an object travelling near the speed of light to a comparatively stationary place such as Earth? Would quantum super-positioning from a moving object near light speed to a stationary object on Earth transcend the time criteria of special relativity?

Deceleration of time in regard to space and comparative frames of reference apparently occurs with speeding towards c while space reciprocally increases mass moving through it. We wonder what this says about the nature of space and of time regarding mass accelerating in it? Science fiction writers (occasionally) wonder about standing waves of space and time, whereat maybe wave-particle duality entangles dimensional characteristics enabling skipping through space-time like a Teflon coated bullet through paper.

Unfortunately extra small dimensions where all these wonderful things are speculated to happen may be functions of scale that are local yet universal. Wave-particle duality when collapsed to deterministic state may become entangled through deterministic processes to. How do the structures in these small dimensions scale up to interact with ‘larger’ dimensions that we think of as the four of the ‘natural’ universe? Are they like a reverse pyramid upside down in regard to space-time enabling entanglement of selected quanta? Are the small dimensions multi-story scuppers with a universal, non-local bilge at the bottom with quantum slots higher up?

Are dimensions simply smaller protocols of matter or energy that only the smallest quanta or strings’/loops/membranes can fit in excluding all larger things-is that the basis for the concept of dimensions or of space-time of the four dimensional universe? Is the inflaton in to an expanding space-time Universe like a significant ‘leak’ from these smaller dimensional realms perhaps intentionally ‘spoken’ in to manifestation at that singular moment? Well, if one must move from one space-time event place to some distant one, within four dimensions then plainly one would want some sort of ‘Teflon’ spray on the space dimensions so as one accelerates close to the speed of light the mass of self and space-ship does not increase at all, much less infinitely. If I event such a substance or method I will be sure to apply for a patent.

If space-time is like an empty brown paper bag one might expect outside forces crinkling the entire structure from the outside to exist-yet no one knows what the medium is ‘outside’ the Universe of space-time in the paper. If the material beyond the universe is the same as the empty space in the bag then one could hope to find a way to go directly across the empty space of the brown bag from one side to the other-from a human perspective in-the-Universe appearing on the other side of the bag that would seem to be a much faster than light speed travel because it’s shorter than plowing through the cellulose at sub-light speed. In a way all of the cellulose of the brown bag is ultimately made of photons so nothing can go faster than themselves-

Do extra dimensions exist in the brown paper bag that are very small? Do such extra dimensions bridge the space between the elements of paper subject to special relativity’s conservation of energy laws with three elements of momentum and one of energy?

In the General Theory of Relativity space is curved conceptually to account for the effect of mass upon other mass-in effect one can describe it best by saying that space is curved near concentrations of mass and other concentrations of mass will ‘slide’ down the slope toward the largest concentration of mass. The concept of black holes originated as early as the 18th century when a philosopher speculated that some mass would increase to such a level that light could not escape it’s attraction. Schwarzchild calculate, during the first world war, the actual formula for event horizon within Einsteins criterion of relativity and mailed them to Einstein…the questions remains though-what is space itself and does it have any real qualities?

In General Relativity events occur in physical relationships that can be described relatively yet not absolutely…there is no absolute frame of reference by which one can measure distances between ‘events’ such as planet A and planet B, galaxy A and galaxy B or perhaps even the singularity at the beginning of the standard model of space time. One must arbitrarily select a measuring unit such as the speed of light and how far it can travel in a year. The fact that light has an absolute velocity that does not vary regardless of how fast the source of light is itself travelling just brings out the paradoxes inherent in the physical objects of space and time that seem a little bit counter-intuitive in many respects such as in the quantum mechanical realm with its faster-than-light appearing effects such as super-position, quantum entangling action at a distance between select quanta. This indicates that shortcuts through extra dimensions potentially are possible-or that information is passed faster than light in realms not bound by the limits of the speed of light.

Light is a massless or near massless particle that hasn’t age in time at the same rate as mass particles-it may travel a billion years and be comparatively young because of its speed of travel. Each comparative quanta of mass and energy has a total space and time component of value such that aging and travelling must share the value-if 10 is the value and one uses 3 units for travel then 7 are available for aging in place in space, or vice versa-space-time seems to be unified in Einstein’s relativity criterion. Space however is the place in this universe where mass and energy are said to exist-outside the universe’s four dimensions perhaps the space-time values are different or non existent. Quantum superpositioning information may pass data without experiencing the space-time temporal values of this Universe…not that they may be in eternity and like virtual particles just appear for a nano-second from nowhere seemingly because of a reciprocal between very low mass and temporal existence-yet the time values of non-space regions may be entirely different from those of space-time in this Universe of temporal associations.

Space-time warps are a criterion of general relativity yet the concept may be considered to be an analogy rather than an actuality. The standard universe has a particular human experience-event frame of reference as well as those such as the speed of light-that cannot be anything other than a contingent measurement existing a posteriori to the expansion of the Universe from a singularity that is in theory an infinity of small that had not logical reason to expand if it was stable, even if it had a given stable yet small size-quantum uncertainty existing within a singularity that is a unified field or membrane simply references an unstable initial system which implicitly begs the point of explanation of prior origin of the system and its instability. An extended, recursive point of origin or membrane of recurrence is a macro-physical, non-point means of positing an initially existing stable system that is infinitely changeless as one system yet composed of a pluralism of changing internal quanta pre-determined to recur. Space-time warps in a pre-determined system raise the possibility of such change that the Universe could be imbalanced and dissociated and its field components strewn in what is thought of as a background space without a unified field. Such anisotropic dispositions of a Universe seem improbable yet possible…the philosophical speculations about what the plenum of the Universe exists in actually is something like the philosophical speculation of the pre-Socratic Parmenides and his ideas about the plenum containing the volume of the world.

God may have actualized every possible Universe that is good since eternity, and an infinite actualization of all universes could be a fact unknown to temporally limited in knowledge human beings-that simple point aside, space-time warps in General relativity criteria that would allow time travel to the past seem possible even without the gimmick of gravity crushing transport through black holes.

Space-time warping may be a function of terminology and expectations regarding the construction of space-time. Mathematics used to described space-time provides paradigms that may be apposite for correlation to the presentation of actual structure yet just describe an appearance. Regardless, all of space-time is ‘warped’ implicitly presenting an appearance derived from an underlying unified field. It may be to that relation that some have ventured the opinion that the Universe may be a hologram with the dimensions appearing as use-values for human logic.

Anomalously intense concentrations of space-time coincide with intensity of concentrations of mass-energy. Some theorists have posited a ‘space-time’ particle such that it could interact with particles of mass-energy. That would allow an explanation for the collapse of space-time fields along with mass concentrations invariantly. A nullification of the existence of space in effect would retain time phenomenally through the de facto conversion of space to a form of mass-energy or at least first-cousin status. That unsatisfying presentation is a way to consider the phenomenal history of the Universe obviously, yet lets consider that unified field phenomenality with ‘the horseshoe method of logic’…

No-space may be the normal condition underlying the potential dimensional and space-time regions. The force application required to extend space-time may be the unusual. Usually it is considered requisite for a warp or slip-stream through space-time to have a tremendous power, and paradoxically it may be the absence of power that permits relinquishment of space-time protocol to slip-stream through to no space. No-space may require complete nakedness without power. Atoms, quarks and string energy packets occur at particular energy levels-no space has some set qualities of non-extension into normal space-time quanta that would strip away quanta of matter-energy and leave that ‘outside’. This of course isn’t the usual context of inquiry regarding space-time travel and I will return to the normal context directly as soon as I mention one other potential approach to space-time warp-surfing…the arrow-head potential.

In late 1877 a Comanche raiding party in West Texas stole a bunch of horses of settlers who sent a posse after them. The Indians of course were displaced people having sold their rights to the area for 3000 dollars worth of trade goods in 1847 so they had no choice for work besides stealing a few strings of horses. If the Indians had taken a couple of horses each on separate paths the difficulties for the posse in going after so many trails would have let a few escape, as it was just two fast scouts for the posse needed to follow the clump of inexperienced horse thieves to their camp with one returning to get the posse.

Early in the pre-dawn hours (speculative here regarding hour of night) the posse attacked the Comanche camp to recover the horses. A brave was killed as the Indians offered resistance. A posse guy took an arrow in the head yet he wasn’t kilt. The arrow wrapped itself under the skin around the man’s skull and it was removed with a clean bowie knife-the man survived. It may be possible to insinuate an arrow of space-time under the ‘skin’ of normal space time in an analogous way. To return to the present…

Space-time warps might be considered to be regions with abnormal gravitational field concentrations. Gravity is a force in space-time, and space-time is generally considered to be unified as one phenomena, so gravity probably acts within space-time upon space-time.

One of the basic problems of cosmology theory is how to treat space for itself when all the descriptions of it are about mater or mass-energy. In fact space doesn’t really exist at all in many cosmology theories and relativity treats it as a relation between mass, energy and time described with tensor calculus. Gravity concentrates mass and energy sometimes overcoming the forces between particles and bringing enough mass in beyond the Schwarzchild radius can create a black hole from which no matter or energy entering escapes except for a view virtual particles at the event horizon. Interestingly the theories coincide generally with observation of actual black hole areas. Space-time is said to be warped more intensely where these phenomena occur, yet is it really space-time or just the math descriptions that have a warp.

Perhaps no one really cares if space itself or time itself warps or if matter and energy simply have unusual relations to the rest of the stuff in the Universe yet it is in such investigations that the search for space-time warps is perhaps best found presently.

Non-standard multi-dimensional models of space-time may provide extra dimensions of space and perhaps extra dimensions of time as well. If time dimensions are juxtaposed upon standard space-time accessibly rivers of time running in opposite and apposite directions may be reflected in symmetry breaking fields unified in-themselves in non-standard configurations. While topographic shapes of space-time in non-standard cosmological models may or may not be said to have overlapping folds or shortcut ‘warps’ that would permit quick time-loss transition from one place to another (of special advantage to distance runners for getting ahead of themselves and the competition) the existence of extra dimensions of time perhaps indicated by virtual particles and uncertainty principle characteristics of quantum mechanics could be of value in discovering ways to remain outside of a non-temporal eternal timelessness with God should anyone prefer that maladroit choice.

Standard space-time models provide a different criterion for anisotropic regions of space-time…

By 10 to the minus 35th second the Universe was the size of a grapefruit having hyper-inflated from virtual nothingness (well it was a small uncertainty field). That grapefruit sized universe had implicit curvature and space-time continued to increase to the present.

Quantum uncertainty in that earliest universe meant evidently that some holes would be included in the space-time making irregularities later filled in by matter. Where are holes in time located today, and do virtual particle left unactualized by the inflation have any reality today or were they left behind in virtual nothingness for every?

Of interest is the field of virtual particles; are they the unseen part of all the superstrings and membranes that appear in this universe or are they independent arriving from actual non-space-time?

Space and time are considered as a unified field in special and general relativity yet general relativity recognizes that mass/energy curves space-time. If space-time may be thought of as a continuum with connectedness existing intermediately in universal and intervals of the universal space-time extra-continuum travel is implicitly an unreasonable conjecture. Space-time may be considered within various geometrical paradigms some of which entail paradoxical events such as in a compact, curved space-time in which the future occurs before the past. Singularities such as Hawking and Penrose investigated are also hypothetical points where the values of general relativity may become inapplicable. The actual universe in which humanity lives is modeled through observational astrophysics as well as mathematics and experience. The Universe seems implicitly unstable in a process of being and becoming. Mathematical theories and models of four-dimensional space allow for several conjectures to exist regarding its actual space-time characteristics. Space-time motion exists within a frame of reference for an observer of space-time. Two different observers of a single event may have a different experience of when and where an event occurred when their respective frames of reference of space-time are different substantially.

Anomalies and analogies of their function in relation to mass considered within the paradigm of the standard model of physics and four dimensions may alter paradigms when considered within extra dimensional super-string and M-Theory paradigms. An object construed as four dimensional traveling within an actual ten dimensional universe would be inconsistently described without first determining a common base dimensional value that is accurate.


G. Divali has discussed the notion that the Universe may be expanding at an increasing pace not because of an unknown dark energy with a repulsive anti-gravity nature but because gravity in this universe may be leaking out into extra dimensions. With gravity disappearing in part down the rabbit holes or extra-dimensional micro-scuppers the omega value of the Universe determined to be just on the edge of sufficiency to allow the mass of the universe to continue to expand or alternatively contract the Universe would be an insufficient base upon which to calculate the future contraction or expansion probabilities of the Universe. The relation of mass and gravity proportionally would be altered with the loss of gravity to extra dimensions apparently, and the Universe would have less gravity than should initially seem to have and continue to expand.

A scalar field of reciprocal values seems to exist with mass-energy and space-time even if it is based in ten dimensions instead of the usually assumed four. Values and forms of energy,mass, space and time seem to alter with consistent values integrally. The manner in which transitions and transformations of energy, mass, space and time may be distributed universally has yet to be exhaustively determined, and because of the actual rather than theoretical existence of infinities, it may never be completely mapped., yet concentrations of mass, deformations of space-time relatively, access to virtual particle event horizon lines on black holes and alteration to extra-four dimensional configurations in relation to gravity haven’t yet been mapped either.

Conventionally, curvature of space-time is a function of the density of mass in a given region and the strength of underlying fields of space-time such as a Higgs field that may affect the strength of gravity locally, universally and extra-universally dimensionally speaking. Space-time curvature or density of mass exists within a protocol of human perception extrinsically in regard to the criterion of human beingness. The curvature of space-time dimensions and density of mass may be contingent upon the number and identity of dimensions in which a given aspect of mass is located. It isn’t possible to say if gravitons or gravity wavicules in extra dimensions affect composite dimensions or how they are limited. It isn’t certain if extra smaller-dimensions in super-string hypothetical structure comprise elements of other existential structures perceptible or not by present consciousness in another configuration of being. Space-time curvature and even warps’, or ropes tied behind the boat to moderate the waves of the sea or to allow a short circuit to another part of space-time within one universe presently seem improbable.

Space-time implicitly is warped with myriad dimensions.

Space-time is a paradox for existing at all yet it can be described with Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

People travel forward in space-time in accord with the distribution of mass in relation to the laws of entropy. The complexity of increasing entropy is less than the complexity of decreasing entropy. Mass and energy and the same general tendencies to change in one-direction of space-time, yet could it be possible to decrease entropy locally and ‘roll back’ sections of space-time to travel to the past that way? It would be rather like rewinding a video-tape. yet as a part of a physical universe detaching a portion of space-time and rewinding it reversing the entropy would be very, very difficult, perhaps the other method is simpler.

One travels to an area with a very low rate of time passage such as near a black hole, develops some sort of gravity resistant extra-dimensional teflon spray coating for one’s space-time ship, waits a little to let the wave of local space-time on Earth move forward-then leave the black hole at super-luminal speed through a short cut through bent space-time and return to Earth in the past of the Earth one was on before…the future having moved forward without one.

Of interest to perspective super-gofast time-travelers are the relations of relativistic travel at light speed to an increase in mass. It seems that as matter approaches the speed of light its mass increases reciprocally and becomes nearly infinite. The concept of infinite mass seems itself a paradox-the mass of local objects such as black holes though massive isn’t infinite. It is possible that the acceleration of an object to near light speed may engage the co0components of the object in a number of aspects of the unified field phenomena that bind it more intensely to space-time. There may be a relativistic association of mass to parallel that of space-time and velocity of mass through the universe’s underlying most basic field (perhaps a scalar field). Limits on the velocity of space-travel may lie in the association of the components of mass to the field that supports the apparent existence of the mass for-itself such that when one accelerates to a velocity approaching the potential maximum field the component particle-waves of the object accelerated associate completely with the field and space-time elements of the accelerated object collapse into point field values.

Perhaps the simplest way is to just travel fast-as-possible and return to the future without having aged much still being young several hundred years from now in order to be a good anachronism for scientists to study. to Build a Time Machine’-Paul Davies

Improbable in this Universe curvature of space-time such that it could geometrically flank future space-time or past space-time locations or coordinates is. One day some Obi-wan may slice through the Gordian knot of super-string and discover how to travel back into the past to correct the vast present federal budget deficit making it just a virtual deficit’ that only seems to be real until it disappears. This is a significant reason for federal allocations to fund hyper-space time-warp travel research. With luck the comedy channel might pay the government for more of their budget and research scripting forecasts and methodology.

Space-time emerging and expanding from an initial ‘singularity’ as a hyper-inflaton faster than light for a pico-second or so reached a radius of 300,000 light years before settling into a regular expansion at sub-light speed the past 13.5 billion years as a consequence of inertia it is believed. Space time may be relatively flat comparatively with an omega value near 1.0 .

That means it may have enough mass and gravity to stop it’s expansions in time and return toward a big crunch. Space-time is largely comprised of mass-energy arrays in various dispositions, presently in this stelliferous era it seems to have large scale galactic clusters with tendrils of interconnecting gas and galaxies scattered throughout the universe. Space-time curvature is a feature of the quantity of gravity in a particular area and that is a function of the concentrating and quantity of mass.

Scientific American’s March 2007 edition has an interesting article on the affect of black holes at the center of galactic clusters on entire galactic clusters…

Black hole blowback

Paul Davies described how a hypothetical time machine made out of immense quantities of mass to generate a special shaped black hole or space-time warp might be created that would allow travel to other universes or prior times in this universe. In accordance with the GTR (General Theory of Relativity) time continues to exist in the past for observers at different times. That isn’t well said, yet it is intended to mean that all times continue to exist because time passages and rate of passages of time is relative in space-time. One has a coefficient of space and time together such that one may travel through time faster by not traveling in space and vice versa. To cross vast reaches of space or time to points before or after time has passed in relation to where one is in space-time might be possible yet would take an incredibly large amount of energy.

multiple universes