The Effect of Weather on Mental Health Natures Bowl

Like the planet we all call home, the 70% water we and the earth share all need this element to live. Between us and all life-forms, we help to modify all seasonal responses. Mental moods react with our health.

Watching the moon, there is an intrinsic sense we have more than a lot in common. Psychologically, like the ebb and flow of her tides, we are all affected. As creatures who must use her fluctuations; as the crabs sift the sand, we generate our moods to fish in deeper waters. Yet when the waves beyond the reef begin to break back over the places we were granted to walk upon; our climate hastens before the sea engulfs all feelings we had, with an even greater regard. Like the crabs we too must hurry for shelter before it overwhelms us.

The pendulum swings, toying with our feelings, as when the sun sets, yet the moon is still there. If visible, we vulnerably turn to her light of pearl. We bask in her glow and bath in the milky rays of her night, setting emotions of wonder and awe alight as warm as a soul-mate’s arms. Or if out of sight, experience shadows which lurk where we can no longer see. Yet she is the dutiful wife and lover of this sun, and must follow without a choice. Together, their gravity must keep the earth moving, just like the clock-work of her tides.

Yet if dark clouds should gather across her path and ours, our mood swings back to feelings which stir from another realm when the wind joins in. When all the water she and the sun have drawn up from their springs and rivers, oceans and seas, or every breath turns to driving rain, and both are covered. Gone from sight, we are left feeling to fend for ourselves; as our status turns to battling the their elements; joined by a miserable wind-change. From calm and serene to slippery and wet, we find ourselves in the dark of the storm we never saw coming.

For some it is where we are born and belong to the earth, that we are better adapted. Equatorial humidity can create an oppressiveness – yet becomes a joyful warm monsoon to modify the temperature – swinging into a happy heart. Like the tides we are lapping the shores of life’s weathering ebb and flow again. There are new feelings of a different types, which swells the fruits called tropical, needing the water just like us; who splash and play with new vigor.

Like the waxing and waning moon, she never fails; rain hail or shine, her duty is always to be where she must be. To pull with a magnetic force all which she commands on earth, and like it or not, we too are as bound to her as she is to us. Changes alternate, each within their season, and we to are activated in our feelings.

Where the cold and hostile winters freeze to snow, a contrasting pleasure belongs; a mood where fun in the white of their frozen season becomes snow-balls; or skiing, and even a dance on the waters of ice. Creating a comforting warmth of being around a fire without sun. While opposites in blizzards bring a bitter-sweet relationship; seeking shelter in damaging frustration.

A distinct swing from the storms which slash to temper the climates of life’s cyclonic winds; or angry tornadoes ripping paths right through our hearts. Where lightning bolts from within the clouds, strikes with the might of shattering volts. We can only be brought to our knees in such an awesome force.

We sway in the in the activity of realistic wonder if Mother Nature celebrates her power with us in her seasons. Yet should she erupt, busting the bubble of admiration, we succumb to the rush of her hostility with an urgency; just as with any hazard. We are all linked to whatever the earth’s weather deals us; and all sedated at times into a false sense of security.

We sneeze with the wretchedness which the weather’s allergies distribute; cough and splutter our way through her chills with more miserable tension. Yet again we can curse moodily the heat of the sun when for a change we feel abused, instead of us abusing it. Whatever the reason, we too can find fault in blame towards the weather for how we experience it.

Poles apart in nature’s bowl where we are stirred into feeling – each to our own – yet close enough to determine, we experience her constant weather within us. We can be a flood of watery tears, or a creature in our climatic choice, comfortable to float in the breeze of her lap.

Give thanks for the seasons, for without them we would not have our home Planet Earth; nor her breath or her life for all seasons. Opposites must be in climates to re-create, and renew, just as we humans are no different.

It’s only natural our health plays a vital roll in our mental attitudes towards all weather. It’s not always easy any more than the birth of a new life, nor the loss of any at all.