Change in Seasons

A sprinkle of angel dust, a tearful night, kissed by the sun, or a crispy delight, these are the reasons why I love each season. They represent change along with letting me experience a new chapter of the year. I am one who embraces change, so I can anticipate and experience something new. The seasons are not any different. Winter, spring, summer and autumn are our life’s’ clocks; as each one changes to the next, my life changes with them.

Winter is a time for hibernation. As I watch the angel dust coat the world, I think about the new year and lay out my future plans. It is a time for self-evaluation – what I need to change in myself or which path to take. My eyes light up like a child’s with the first snowfall. The smell of snow as it blankets the ground symbolizes to me the end of an old life and the beginning of a new. Winter is a time to discard waste and old habits.

When the tearful days and nights arrive, I watch the blankets come off and smell the anticipated change. Spring motivates me into venturing out and pursuing the things I thought about during winter. When the flowers begin to blossom and the rain starts to slow down, a new me has begun my soul searching. Things come to life in spring, kind of how I feel about myself.

My summer sun-kissed skin is a reminder that I will be turning another year older. The rain washed the dirt away, everything is in bloom, and the outdoors is full of people enjoying the weather. It is a time for people to introduce themselves to old neighbors, try a new sport, have a picnic, or take a walk along the lake. During the summer, people become more social, willing to drive to a new destination and ready to relax and take time off. This season is a break from the prior and future days of work while my face soaks up the warmth of the sun.

To complete the year with its crisp air, autumn blows in preparing me for another winter. It is football and tailgate season. A time to cheer for my favorite football teams while the beer chills and the popcorn pops. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can hear the football whoops drowning out the sound of rustling leaves. It is also great to see children dress up while my family sits around a pit fire, talking about the coming holidays. I also love the smell of burning leaves while I drive with my windows rolled down.

I love each season for what it offers me: the beauty of Mother Nature and a change from the last season. With each season, I appreciate the holidays and the way the world celebrates, but most of all, I love knowing I woke to see another season – my life’s ticking hand.