How to use the Summer Heat to your Advantage

There is no getting around the summer weather. When it is hot, it can be abysmally hot, but when it’s not so hot, people love to congregate outdoors. Regardless of how hot it is outside, or how miserable you think you may feel, it is possible to use the summer heat to your advantage. When and if you choose to do so, you may change your entire attitude about summer heat.

Here is a look at some great ways to beat the summer heat.

*Air condition your home for free or for next to nothing –

If you feel as though you can’t live without air conditioning, which is certainly the case in places where the heat is extreme, there are things you can do so that you can reduce the cost of your electric bill, and in the process, use the heat to your advantage. Consider installing solar panels on your roof or outside your home. If you are going to do this, be sure you know what you are getting into and whether you can sell extra green energy back to the utility company. Unless this is a possibility, you may not be saving yourself any money.

*Tackle home organizing projects –

If it is dangerously hot outside and you don’t feel like trying to venture out to head to someplace cool, stay at home and tackle some of the things around your house that have neglected for far too long. Maybe that will involve cleaning out a closet. Perhaps in the process, you can gather clothing that you no longer wear or need and take that to a consignment shop so that you can make some money on it.

Maybe you want to organize your home office and get rid of a ton of clutter that has been lying around. Maybe you want to take the time to do some some of the cleaning projects that have been neglected. You can reorganize kitchen cabinets, get rid of unused products around the bathroom, reorganize a pantry so that you know what you have on hand.

*See some movies you’ve been wanting to see –

If you feel as though you never seem to get to go to movies, yet there are movies you would really like to see, why not opt to go to the movies on a really hot day?  Movie theaters are well air conditioned, and if you choose to go to an early matinee, the ticket price will be considerably lower than it would at a later time.

*Plant a vegetable garden –

If you love tomatoes and other fresh vegetables and would love to have an abundant supply of organic produce, plant a vegetable garden. Some vegetables will thrive in very hot weather while others will provide you with harvests earlier in the season. Regardless, you can plant vegetables that will keep you well supplied with seasonal vegetables throughout the entire summer.

*Can and freeze vegetables you grow yourself –

Canning and freezing your home grown vegetables is a great way to use the summer heat to your advantage. Granted, it may not be so wonderful to heat up your kitchen, but if you opt to do this early in the morning before it starts to get really hot or later in the evening, you probably won’t heat your house up so much. Then again, maybe you can overlook  that minor inconvenience or discomfort and accept that the money you’ll save in the long run on the cost of food will make it worth the effort.

*Head to the beach or the pool –

If you are the sort of person who is bothered by the extreme heat to the extent that you can’t or don’t want to exercise, head to the beach or pool. You can cool off, not have to worry about paying for air conditioning during the time you are away, and you can get some exercise by swimming or even playing around in the water. Heading to the beach or pool is also a great way to spend time with friends and family.

*Enjoy the barbecue season –

If you are someone who loves to be able to throw a steak, a burger or a piece of chicken on the grill, why not take advantage of the summer heat to do just that? You can do simple barbecues to cook the family meals – and not have to worry about cleaning up pots and pans, or you can have a big barbecue where you invite friends and family to join you. If you plan to have a potluck, everyone can pitch in and no one has to shoulder the burden of preparing the whole meal alone.

These are just some of the best ways to take advantage of the summer heat. There are countless other things that people can do. Some stores offer huge discounts on appliances that people regularly need during the summer months. Some states offer a tax amnesty weekend that allows people to purchase school clothing and school supplies for children during the heat of the summer.

Another way to take advantage of the heat is by riding a bike, walking or taking public transportation instead of driving. You will be getting great exercise without having to join the gym, and you will also be saving money on gas and car maintenance, not to mention the overall wear and tear on your car. Most of all, take advantage of the heat to get outside and hang out because this is the way that many neighbors get to know one another and in the process, turn a neighborhood into a real neighborhood and not just a place where people live near each other.