How to use the Summer Heat to your Advantage

In the winter months, we complain about the cold temperatures, and in the summer, we complain about the heat. However, there are a lot of benefits to be had from summertime sun and the hot temperatures.

1. For a lot of the year, especially in the northern areas, people are confined to inside living, out of the sun. Summertime, however, is the time to get out and get some much needed vitamin D. As long as you remember to use sunscreen, and don’t bake your skin, absorbing some of this much needed, sun supplied, vitamin is a great benefit of the summer sun.

2. Unless you are a fan of wintertime outdoor sports, you probably don’t get much exercise in the winter months. However, when summer comes around, runners, bikers, swimmers and other outdoor exercisers appear. By and large, summer is the time for shaping up and slimming down. As long as you are careful not to get overheated, and you keep yourself hydrated, you can enjoy the summer sun and fresh air and get in shape.

3. Save some energy. Nothing smells better than a load of fresh laundry dried in the summer sun. Hang out the clothes to dry, and save some energy by giving your clothes dryer a rest. Entertain and cook outside, and give your oven and range a break. Summertime is an energy saver in more ways than one. Days are longer and lights are needed for fewer hours.

4. Save some money on food. The summer is the time to try your hand at gardening. Not only will you save money, you will be assured that the produce you are eating is the quality that you want to serve your family.

5. Summer heat and sun aid in beauty treatments. Hair, treated with conditioners, applied after washing, and wrapped in towels, benefit when dried naturally in the warm summer air. Combined with facial masks, you can sit outside, enjoy the heat, and give yourself a beauty treatment at the same time.

6. Go solar. Probably one of the better known reasons to love the summer heat is its solar power. While you may not have a raft of solar panels on your roof, solar is still doing its job, heating your pool, and warming the ground.

Every season has its problems, but before we complain about the summer heat, we should consider its benefits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last all that long.