The Effect of Weather on Mental Health

This is not a studied find, but its my own conclusion that I have come up with just studying the people closest to me. With my own immediate family. I have noticed that weather plays a big factor in everyones demeanor. For myself I know that I am a much happier and easy going person when the weather is verging on hot. I like the Missouri humidity and heat index. I function and get way more accomplished when it is over 90 degrees outside. My family notice that they can approach me easier and see that I am more relaxed when the weather is warmer. I am more apt to try and do some bizarre sport, or dangerous adventure just to be out doors and try something new.

I believe that I may be the only one in my family that likes it that hot. My husband on the other hand, would much rather have the tempatures in the low to mid 70’s. He will get up off the couch and do just about anything you ask him to do when it is nice outside. He has a lighter step in his walk. He isn’t so quick to loose his temper and wants to make you happy.

Our 7 year old daughter, we had the hardest time figuring out what weather she preferred. She gets crappy and cries when it’s too hot out, but when it’s in the 70’s its not hot enough to swim, so she fusses over that also. She will play in the snow, just because that’s what other kids do. She will come in and complain about how cold it is and say it wasn’t any fun. When it’s raining out, she says it makes her sad. We think that the low 80’s is her idea temperature at this age. She is so finicky there is no telling what it will be in a year or so.

Our 18 year old daughter, can not stand the heat either, for a different reason. She has asthma, when it is too hot she can not breath right. When that happens she is very hard to deal with. It causes irritibleness in her. She doesn’t like to be around people in the heat. The extreme cold does the same thing to her asthma. She is most productive and fun to be around when it is about 60 degree out side. She shows much more affection to family and friends, and is more productive in school and work.

The 13 year old son we have. we haven’t found a weather he doesn’t like. He plays football in the freezing weather of winter. He plays with such vigor and force he say the cold pumps him up to make the tackles and run the ball farther. In the extreme heat, he plays sand volleyball, and baseball, and hoops at the park. He says he loves the feel of sweat on his body when he is going at it. As he puts it. He will cut grass on a scorching hot day and be happy while he does it. When it is spring and fall weather he plays some soccer and indoor basketball. But is always eager to go walk the dogs.

So what it boils down to with my immediate family we all have different preferences and likes. Each affects us differently. Although maybe if we could do what my 13 year old does. Which is find something active in each season, maybe our mental status during each season would change along with the weather. We could make our own mental health adjust and form along as the temperatures change. If we could do this, maybe we would all have a better out look on life in general.