The Case for Respect for Earth

Respect, regrowth, maybe a reborn earth?

Out of the void something very special happened at sometime in our past. Our planet ,Earth was born. One time, a time ago, we were all born and hopefully have lived with the respect a human being deserves on this planet, where many disrespect not only the earth but the inhabitants of it. We grow and hopefully see more light than dark in our quest to walk the ground we find ourselves on. The blue planet always looks so beautiful from space, since we were fortunate enough to get those first pictures from the moon missions and that is reason enough surely to respect this ball spinning in space which we call our home.

People have used the ground, or call it earth’s skin, for a long time not only to walk on but also to build on and dig up and create . We have created cities and the mentality now at this stage of our existence, is to knock down as much as you can and build, build, build anywhere at any cost, even if that means cutting down a rain forest, as is happening in Brazil. The World Bank lent the people money to put a road through the Amazon Rain forest and it opened up settlement for many who would not have a home . The problem is there were many people in such a position and now great chunks of rain forest are being burned and cleared. Normally this would be a tragedy, but it is worse than that, for at least 25% of our air for the whole planet is produced in this region through tree photosyntheses. A little more respect is needed for a paradise like this, housing so many wonderful living flora, fauna, insects, birds and animals. The original people who lived here stuck by the handed down tradition, ‘only take what you need’.

Pollution is due simply to the fact we are caught in an endless cycle of making things . People like all sorts of things and with the advent of machines, since the industrial revolution, the smokestacks have become alarmingly prevalent all, over the world. China who is just awakening as an industrial force has vowed to make coal fired energy and is building these power stations at the rate of one a week. Each of these is belching out fumes into our atmosphere and the great danger of global warming by making a kind of smoke umbrella over the clean air. Poor earth just keeps spinning and making each day as nice as she can for us while we hurt her more and more. What is wrong? Has the greed of money taken over? You know you can only pile it up so high and it will topple on you. We have had the warnings with many extreme weather changes, not recorded in their ferocity for years as they are now. Earth is fighting back the only way she knows, and if the message is not loud and clear then we don’t deserve to live on this planet.

The Red Indians of America warned Europeans of the dangers of not respecting nature and her seasons, and in the first British settlement at Chesapeake Bay, told them the summers were to harsh for them to stay there. Did they take any notice of these savages, as they wold have seen them in their judgmental superior way? No. What happened of course was all the British perished. The Indian knew more about respecting earth than these colonists did in their greedy stealing of all the Indian’s land.

There is a moral to every story and this one is so clear. Respect earth; at your peril if you don’t. The case for respect of earth is now, now, now, and as I sit here writing, I wonder what I can do, apart from sorting my rubbish into recyclables and guard the little patch my wife and I live in well. It is up to President Obama, with all the popular vote that got him into a place where he can make a difference, to push for ratification of the Kyoto agreement on climate change. For his country is a big polluter of the atmosphere, as is Australia, where we live. So let’s get smart brains together to work this problem out . Do you respect your life and your children’s? Then earth deserves that same respect, for it is their home.

‘Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array'(Genesis 2:1) Do not let us be the ones who destroy this unique completion, for it was new and fresh in the beginning.