Respect the Earth

The Earth provides for us with food, water and even natural shelters. What do we do for it? We take from it without thinking of the consequences and give it back our trash. Instead of taking it for granted and assuming it will always be here to provide for us we should respect the Earth.

We only have one Earth and so far it’s the only planet to sustain human life as we know it. There are trees, lakes, rivers and oceans each supporting life in some way. Without them animals and people alike would be at a lost for food and homes. This still doesn’t seem to be enough reason for everyone to respect the Earth.

Imagine a world where there are millions of gallons of water but none of them fit for human consumption. The animals in the water can’t survive and as a result the waters are useless to use. What happened? We didn’t respect the Earth enough.

The lack of respect we have for the Earth is showing. We’re beginning to see the effects of pollution and the missing trees are proof that we’ve robbed the Earth of the very things we depend on for survival. It’s getting worse showing a severe need to learn to respect the Earth more.

We continued to strip the Earth of minerals, oil spilled from ships because we didn’t figure out how to be independent of foreign oil and we polluted the waters with our trash. Our awareness of the evironment was nearly non-existant and now we must pay for it. We are having to learn to live with nothing and our lives are not only of a lower quality but without any resources they’re considerably shorter.

What if started replanting trees and conserving water? What if we recycled every thing we could possibly recycle? We’d have more natural resources and we wouldn’t have to worry so much about where the next batch of resources was coming from. What if we went back to basics?

We would have less pollution if we went back to basics. Once respecting the Earth was done not from choice but from pure need. There weren’t any factories putting smoke into the air turning it so black we could see the air we were breathing; people had no choice but to grow thier own food. There were no automobiles so trips were planned in advance with no pollution put into the air.

Before the modern conveniences we take for granted people had more open spaces to enjoy and more trees to border the horizon. There wasn’t any worry of oil spills in the oceans or of whether or not the largest manufactures were putting toxins into the air just to provide them with what they needed in massive amounts. We should remember those times because at the rate we’re going the Earth is going to be a memory of something that used to take care of us.