The Alternative Energy Source with the most Potential

Energy source

The motion of air molecule, in fact the turbulence in the air could be a huge source of energy. It’s what has driven a wind turbine that has provided electrical energy in some places and wind mills in some others. This project seeks to take this energy a step further to achieve much good.

The wind turbine idea is great because it extracts free energy in the wind. Energy that could otherwise be destructive as is the case in storm winds, those buildings, bridges, telecommunication devices destructive. The wind turbine somehow reduces that energy and uses it for the good of man.

The forest trees and shrubs help to reduce the destructive of winds but when these are removed, buildings and industrial facilities have to do the job, to man’s disadvantage. In areas where forestry has been removed more efficient methods must be put in place to protect property against bad weather, strong winds.

On the wind turbines, only the wind energy on the surface area of the leaflets of the turbine is used or made useful. Hence, larger turbines or bigger leaflets would be needed to get much more from the wind.

A more ingenious or advancement on this technology would be to get a non-contact force on the electricity generator as opposed to the contact force on wind turbines.

Then from the motion of the air particle even the turbulence, their circulation could be used as opposed to the wind turbines where only the moving wind in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the turbine can have its energy used up by the wind turbine mechanism.

If we can use up even turbulence, the result will be still air which is very convenient except for moving oxygen deficient air from human dwellings as well as from animals and replacing it with oxygen rich air from vegetation regions which purify the air, using the co2 in photosynthesis and releasing o2 into the air.

The principle of the technology is to cause the turbulent air molecules to change their destructive nature to provide energy to man’s advantage and benefit or reduce the damage on the environment. There will be no need for burning fossil fuels anymore for energy.