The Alternative Energy Source with the most Potential we can all be Receivers


There is much to consider in the fields of an Alternative Energy Source in the form of Light, if we can only see value in its potential.

The key to everything is to remember that we are the guardians of ourselves and our Planet. Mother Nature provides everything we need. We know of our Carbon element being the most necessary building block for Life; yet learn more of the flip-side being the overload of the carbon dioxide and Global Warming.

An Alternative Source of Energy for Earth would be Light in Optical Wave Lengths. Photons allow interaction of Light with Light. Photonics is not unlike an Instant Flash of High Beam Resolution of Light Waves.

Utilizing the same principle of Photonic Energy as Instant Light Energy we could also tune into to an Antenna to Balance Frequencies, with Modulated Light Beams from a Satellite. This could act like Wireless Internet. This Energy would would be natural, cost effective in the long run, plus cut green house emissions.

Or we could use a Router in our vehicles. Call it our computerized ‘battery effect’, converting the Mini Lasers which emit Light in a Nanophotonic Circuitry. An Antenna would be used here also to pick up all Sensors required. As it is already used in trial submarines, and by the military; there must be worth enough for the rest of us?

An Instant Energy Source as Alternative here, could be likened to how fast and efficient the Light of the Camera’s Eye is. Even our TV’s energy of Light is used to gain the picture, via the Cameras Eye; then project it through the tube to viewers via satellite round the world, to see it ‘instantly’. Any Camera uses Light to take a Photo. Even in it’s Instant Beam in a Flash for night; or Infra-red.

This would be Modulated to any requirements, just as Cameras are. Photons impart Electromagnetic Wave Lengths, which is Photonics. When Stars change, they produce Photons in this Energy all the time. Photons carry the Magnetic Force, and this form of Radiation is found in our soil, and our Atmosphere and ourselves.

Smoke detector’s sensors are in a Mini Laser which detect the smoke, just as our Remote Controls are the Switch to our TV’s and PC’s, and anything else. Light, is the Laser.

Cosmic Rays are Photons, but in very low frequencies they do not harm us on Earth. If this was not the case, we would not be able to exist on our Planet. These are able to penetrate even rock; but when measured as one would for Radiation Levels, these remain very low. Like everything, there are always variants.

There existence here is simply a part of being in the Cosmos; and we being in it. Photons in the Ultra Violet Spectrum of Light do make it through our Earth’s Radiation Belt. In Universal Law, when all Energy is understood, it is utilized, and there is no such thing as Waste. Cosmic Energies are all a part of our own Galaxy and the Universe.

Energy can be instantly used through the use of Light Waves and Frequencies, even like a Radio Camera. So flip a Switch to an Energy with the most potential to be an Alternative Source, and be carried within an Instant Wave to wherever we want to go, in a Beam. This would be safe to the environment, and to us.

There is no denying the real Alternative in this Energy is found in the Light. We can all be Receivers and tune into the Cosmos we live in, which is our Source.