Teleportation Real vs not Real

Quantum Teleportation is as REAL as it gets. Star Trek fans are celebrating in the streets! With headlines like “Teleportation Breakthrough Made”, “Teleportation Takes Quantum Leap”, and “Danish Scientists achieve advanced quantum teleportation” – it isn’t science fiction any more; it is the real deal now; only the beginnings but very real. Those titles are just a few I found doing research on the subject. If you mean full body teleportation as in Star Trek, well… is only a few gazillion dollars and years of research away. Don’t ever say “never.” It seems that recent research in quantum entanglement theory is advancing faster than warp speed.

Einstein called quantum “entanglement” a “spooky action.” No kidding….it involves one atom’s key properties being entangled with another atom’s across the room, so to speak. This gets very nerdy so just hang with me for a minute. I will try to simplify the concept and what is going on in the ethereal scientific world of extreme physics.

Back in 2004 (ancient history for scientists) researchers at the University of Innsbruck performed teleportation on calcium ions. A Boulder, Colorado team at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology used the element beryllium to do the same. They proved the ability to transfer key properties of one particle to another without any physical line. Also in 2004 Austrian scientists teleported photons across the Danube River in Vienna (Institute for Experimental Physics at the University of Vienna). Australian and Canadian researchers teleported a signal to a network of recipients; this will bring about unbreakable codes and super fast computers. Maybe then they can build the Enterprise space ship. I wish!

Now….warp up to 2006 research and you find out that Danish scientists at Copenhagen University had a breakthrough in teleporting quantum information over a distance of a half a meter (1.6 feet). I also read a Scientific American article from October 2006 that stated they achieved the first teleportation between Light and Matter. Well….Beam Me Up Scotty! I did find it interesting that of all the research I did on this subject, almost every article mentioned Star Trek as well they should; Star Trek was way ahead of its time. Do a little research on your own. Real teleportation is only a scientist away….one like Einstein perhaps. (just type in the search box “teleportation”)

2007 BA Moran