Teleportation Real vs not Real

There is definitely no question as to whether or not teleportation is real. Scientist have successfully teleported not only quantum particles such as the photon, but also whole atoms! The question then becomes, when could it be possible to teleport human size objects?

In another article that I have just recently written, I described how technology doubles every ten years. If this pattern can be sustained, and the evidence points to the fact that it has absolutely no problem sustaining, I would imagine that it could be possible in the next 100 years.

Imagine your children’s – children. When they are all grown up, they might have the luxury of teleportation. This is of course assuming that everything goes as good as it could without starting world war three. If world war three was ever initiated, then it might take a little longer for the technology to come around.

As far as the question is concerned – whether or not teleportation is real, the answer is by far an astounding yes – it’s very real! You see in the world of the quantum, one electron is exactly identical to every other electron that is in the same energy state.

Teleportation then can be seen under a new light. Teleportation you might think works something like this…dematerialize your body here and make it re-materialize somewhere else. But quantum physics is pointing to another interpretation of teleportation.

This quantum mechanical interpretation of teleportation is rather very simple. It states that the only thing that one would need to do to successfully teleport an entity from one spacetime location to another, is to simply record the fundamental properties of the entity, and then send that information to another location where this information can be reintegrated. The result would appear to look like your body dematerializes and re-materializes somewhere else.