Star Trek Teleportation

With quantum physics at the forefront of the next generation of technological advancements, we move closer to an age of star trek philosophies and the world as we know it may be changed so drastically that it can only be related to a science fiction novel. With a process called quantum entanglement instant teleportation may indeed be coming to light. All those days watching Star Trek and thinking this could happen have paid of for scientists. Albert Einstein called the entanglement effect spooky and unbelievable. I just call it amazing but how does it work?

By entangling one quantum particle with another, which could be as many as light years away, you can transmit data over great distances instantaneously. Picture this; you have a device which you can move up down wave left right and an identical device light years away repeats those same actions. Feels kind of like a voodoo doll huh. This kind of technology could be used for communication, but even better if scientists can improve upon their current methods it may be possible to entangle an entire persons atoms. Another equal string of atoms some where else then would be created. Once the duplicate was created by cutting the ties and breaking down the atoms of the original this person is instantaneously transported light years away.

This technology holds a  whole slew of possibilities in computing technologies. Imagine no longer having a front side bus, instead the processor simply communicates directly to the memory in real time. Instead of having electrical signals our communication method would essentially become instant quantum cloning. Instead of a web of lines for the internet we would be able to communicate as fast as the computers could, with no limitations on the length of time it takes for these communications to get from one place to another. In robotics and cybernetics this technology could possibly be used to directly control a machine millions of miles away from you. Simply through hand motions by entangling the atoms that create your elbows and other joints with the axises of these machines.

The possibilities of this new technology are endless and may even lead to a stargate universe like communication stone system. It’s possible that these communication stones on stargate universe even got the idea from this very research. Scientists say communication over light years may be possible once this technology is perfected. of course you need a device to send the data and another device which reads the data so for now we are stuck teleporting around earth but in ages to come we may see things like Stargates which allow us to move from planet to planet on the planets we have already been to.

We are still a very grounded civilization though, so the idea of Star Trek like ships may be far off and a stargate type teleportation system may be more available in our near future. As we stand right now it takes more then a persons lifetime to get to the other end of our own galaxy. The placement of these transportation devices may take long periods of time. Fortunately, mapping the galaxy could become a full time everyday job by placing a transportation device on the rocket headed for the end of the galaxy. We could teleport people into and back out of the ship while the people we send to this ship will drop gateways for us to jump to along their path.

So where do scientists stand right now with this technology? Physicist Richard Feynman said that “if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” the JQI team, along with colleagues at the University of Michigan, have succeeded in Teleporting a quantum state directly from one atom to another over a meter.

One can only speculate on how long it will take them to bring all these new technologies to light, but it seems like the University of Michigan has taken one giant leap in the right direction. The University of Michigan is making science fiction seem like science, And I for one would like to personally thank and congratulate them on their success.

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