Technology for the Future

What are the technologies that human will use for tomorrow? We can surely say that a technology that is going to be use by us for another 3 years is actually has been invented. It is only a matter of time that the technology will reach the market. So for future technology it is about a technology yet to be invented and maybe will only reach us for another 50 years. Everything about the future is still in the head of the engineers and scientists right now.

In 1981, Bill Gates allegedly claims nobody would ever need more than 640 kilobytes of memory on their personal computer. But today we even have a hard drive of 1 Terabytes of memory. Tomorrow technology is quite hard to predict.

Technology in Transportation

We hope in the future that teleporting is a reality. Before that can be true, transportation would still by means of vehicles. Tomorrows cars will be running on water as Hydrogen can be derived from water and it is a clean source of energy. The size of a car will be smaller as the increasing rate in car’s production will only crowded the Earth. To give way to the increasing number of cars on the road, the size must be much smaller.

Green Technology

The Earth’s health deteriorates with time due to human activities. In order to reverse the harmful changes in environment, green technology such as harvesting clean energy, environmental friendly waste disposal method and artificial trees will be use. The amount of carbon dioxide gas will be reduced by using artificial trees to absorb the gas from the atmosphere. This will cool the Earth and reverse the Green House Effect.

Earth Number 2

The population on Earth is increasing exponentially. The Earth becomes very crowded until there is no space for people to walk. Recently there is a news that scientist will try on the idea of physically connect the Moon and the Earth. It is like connecting the Moon and the Earth with some sort of escalator. When this becomes reality, people will start to reside on the moon.

Communication Technology

We wonder how was once a telephone use by Alexander Graham Bell has evolved into a phone that can connect peoples in different continents wirelessly. The evolution in computer technology is very much related to the telephone technology. Nowadays, a smartphone or a PDA carries the same function as a notebook. The only difference is the size of the gadgets and the power source, notebook will not sustain without power chord. When someday the size of the gadgets and the notebook’s battery are not the issues, the telephone is the computer and the computer is the telephone.

Foods Technology

We are so prone to illnesses that are cause by unhealthy diets. With a better technology in biotechnology and food science, red meat will have less cholesterol and becomes healthier to be consume, all types of oil are rich in monounsaturated fats and water are very pure and no need for chlorine addition to kill the germs